Baby news at Jessie J: After her tragic miscarriage, the singer is pregnant again


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  Singer Jessie J is pregnant
Happy yet scared, singer Jessie J took to Instagram to announce her pregnancy. © Instagram, /jessia

Finally good news from Jessie J (34)! In 2021, the singer experienced the nightmare of every expectant mother: a tragic miscarriage. Now she can finally announce her new pregnancy and proudly presents her baby bump to her fans on Instagram. But there is still a little skepticism.

Finally happiness for Jessie J!

'Please be gentle with me,' Jessie writes about her video on Instagram. First you can see her positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound and then photos that her fans should be able to share. The 34-year-old is totally happy about the happiness that is growing in her. In various photos and short clips, she proudly presents her ever-growing baby bead. She gently strokes her stomach and smiles from ear to ear.

'I'm so happy and scared to finally share this,' the singer continues in her short text. 'Scared' because what lies behind the mom-to-be brings with it incredible fears and worries.

The deep sorrow of Jessie J

In November 2021, the young woman addressed her fans with a heartbreaking message. She was secretly pregnant but lost her unborn baby . On the same day, she actually wanted to announce her happy baby news when she appeared on stage. But in the afternoon, Jessie got the sad certainty from her doctors: There was no longer a heartbeat.

Incomprehensible: Nevertheless, the singer was on stage in the evening ! 'I'm still in shock, the sadness is overwhelming,' she shared with her fans of her mental suffering. It is ' the saddest and loneliest time ' of her life, she explained some time later. A few weeks before the announcement of her miscarriage, Jessie announced her split from her ex Max Pham Nguyen known. He is said not to have been the father of the unborn baby. The singer made the decision to have a baby on her own.

In the video: Jessie J's most emotional appearance - shortly after her miscarriage

  Shortly after the miscarriage, Jessie J goes on stage

Jessie's joy is contagious

Getting pregnant was 'all I ever wanted,' Jessie explained at the time of her decision to undergo artificial insemination. Now she is finally back and can share her great happiness with the world. 'Honestly your girl just wants to cry in public in a catsuit and eat a chocolate covered pickle no questions asked,' she wrote on Instagram. Crying with happiness!

Numerous celebrities shower the singer, who was in a relationship with 'Magic Mike' actor Channing Tatum (42) for two years , with congratulations. Including Ex-Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland (41) and Rita Ora (32). singer Leona Lewis (37), the self became a mother for the first time last August , writes: 'Congratulations, Mom, I'm so happy for you'. Also Ellie Goulding (36) shares her thoughts publicly: 'You look so radiant and full of joy.' actress Ruby Rose (36) remembers: 'When you told me - in my heart I felt the greatest gratitude.. You deserve it so much!' (vne)

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