Baby thanks to surrogate mother: SRF sports presenter Olivier Borer defends himself against criticism


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Sports presenter Olivier Borer and his partner had their child carried by surrogate mother.
Sports presenter Olivier Borer and his partner had their child carried by surrogate mother. © olivier_borer / Instagram

'We are the proudest parents in the universe,' wrote TV presenter Olivier Borer (41) on November 11, 2022 at the birth of his son Naël Yunus at Instagram. Olivier's husband and he had their intended child carried by a surrogate mother. And that's exactly why the gay couple gets a lot of hate on social media. Olivier is now defending himself against criticism that he 'bought' his child.

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Olivier Borer: 'We didn't buy a baby. We bought the process!'

In addition to countless congratulations on the birth of their son, Olivier and his partner, who does not want to appear in public, also had to read many critical and angry comments on Instagram. 'It should be forbidden to buy children anyway' or 'Now there was probably a child on the shopping list. Ordered, bought and picked up,” write some of Olivier's followers. The hate that the gay couple was met with becomes even clearer in an email that the sports presenter publishes in excerpts on his Instagram story: “A child naturally needs a mother and a father. Have you ever thought about what these poor kids are told at school?”

'As a couple, we thought long and hard about whether we should do this, because we are aware that the whole thing is also a business model. But we didn't buy a baby. We bought the process that gave us the baby, our absolute dream baby,' Borer told Swiss magazine Blick. When he first met his husband 20 years ago, he told him about his longing to become a father.

Olivier Borer's son still has an American passport

Olivier and his husband try to remain calm about all the hatred that the couple is now facing. “There was a lot more positive feedback than negative. And maybe we can encourage other couples to go public with us,' the sports presenter told Blick.

It cost 100,000 Swiss francs (about 101,000 euros) for Olivier and his husband to become fathers. Since surrogacy is forbidden in Switzerland, both men sent their sperm cooled with nitrogen to the USA, where Naël Yunus' 'belly mommy' carried her son to term. The little one still has an American passport. A paternity test will decide in the next few weeks whether Olivier or his husband is the biological father. The other person can then later apply for adoption. (csp)

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