Baby Zoff at the Heisers? Anna could imagine a third child - not Gerald


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 Anna Heiser: Does she want a third baby?
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On November 24th are Gerald (37) and Anna Heiser (32) become parents for the second time. Since then gets used to the family living in Namibia to life as a foursome. But the former have “Farmer is looking for a wife – International” stars with the Arrival of her little Alina done with family planning? This is of great interest to her fans and followers. However, the Heisers do not have a clear answer to this question. In a Q&A on Instagram, the new mother of two makes her disagreement on the subject of offspring clear.

'As of today: Gerald doesn't want any'

When asked if the two would like a third child, the 32-year-old replies: 'As of today: Gerald doesn't want one, it's not completely out of the question for me.' Anna does not provide a reason for this. There still seems to be a need for clarification on the subject. 'We will make the decision at a later date,' Anna explains to her followers. It is understandable that such a big decision does not fit into the everyday life of the young family.

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 New mom of two

New life for four

First of all, it is important to find a new routine with two children. At the moment it is 'chaotic, but beautiful'. Luckily, Anna and Gerald get support from Anna's mom. She will be visiting Namibia until the end of February and will be helping the new parents of two children during this time. 'I have a lot of support from my mom and don't have to worry about food/cooking at the moment,' says Anna.

Accepting help from others is anything but easy for the 32-year-old. Nevertheless, she is much more balanced with baby no. 2 than when she arrived Son Leon . 'I think it's 'second child syndrome'. This time I'm much more relaxed about everything than I was with Leon,' admits Anna.

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