Bad Education? 'Rabenmutter' Tanja Szewczenko makes an announcement to haters


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Tanja Szewczenko defends herself against her haters.
Tanja Szewczenko defends herself against the nasty comments about her upbringing method. © Eden Books/Kevin Kölker, SpotOn

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  • Bad Education? Tanja Szewczenko makes an announcement to haters
  • Stefanie Giesinger swings the brush topless

25 January 2023

It's not always easy being a celebrity mom. You want to show your followers an unfiltered and real insight into the sometimes chaotic everyday life and promptly it hails nasty comments. It had to be now Tanja Shevchenko (45) experienced firsthand. Her husband Norman Jeschke (42) had to leave home for a few days for professional reasons, after which her house with three children had developed into a small battlefield. In an Instagram video that revealed the chaos, the figure skater tried to stun critics by jokingly referring to herself as 'the raven mother.' But some took the circumstances at home so seriously that there were many hate speeches. news rained down.

Reason enough for Tanja to write a long message to her followers. 'When children play, it often goes haywire and they often leave a battlefield behind,' she begins her post on Instagram, along with a photo of her Twins Leo and Luis (1) published. “A lot is processed in play that children see in us adults. Play means to learn naturally. Develop social and emotional skills. This is the only way a child can develop their creativity,” is her message. She also implemented this way of bringing up her daughter Jona (11) and it did not harm her, according to Szewczenko. On the contrary, today they are 'extremely happy to have done everything that way!' Tanja thinks: 'Of course, everyone should find their own way of bringing up themselves!' And in her family that means 'let off steam, be creative and allowed to have his dolly 5 minutes”.

January 23, 2023: Stefanie Giesinger swings the brush topless

Model Stefanie Giesinger is on a relaxing vacation with friends. Daily pastimes include: cooking, stroking donkeys AND painting topless. The 26-year-old beams freely and happily into the camera and paints her (really good) work of art in front of an amazing holiday backdrop. It is not known who was allowed to take the photo. But there are rumors that Steffi may be taken again. That is by the way not the first time that the top model is topless. At this point, however, the work of art becomes almost secondary.

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