Barbara Broccoli: First Bond villain, then 007


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 Barbara Broccoli: First Bond villain, then 007
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Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson focus on finding a Bond villain before settling on the new 007.

Producers are spearheading the search for a replacement for Daniel Craig in the role of the iconic spy. Craig made his last appearance as 007 in No Time To Die. Now, Barbara revealed that they want to cast an antagonist first so they can develop a story for the next film. Broccoli, 62, told The Hollywood Reporter: 'We always sit down with our writers and the first thing we think about is, 'What is the world afraid of? We start by thinking, 'Who is the Bond villain? ' We try to focus on that kind of super story and then we also want to look at Bond's emotional life and what he's personally dealing with that he hasn't faced before, so he has two big themes in the films - one is the geopolitical and the other the personal.”

Bond producers have confirmed they are on the hunt for an actor to play the spy for the next decade. In addition, Broccoli says potential 007 actors need to be prepared for the role to be life-changing and make a long-term commitment to the role. 'Any actor who thinks about it has to think about how it would change their life. Daniel was certainly hesitant when we first approached him and as I say about him his life has changed but he has 'Not changed. He's still the same wonderful person he was when he started and he is now.'

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