Barely recognized: Sarah Engels with XXL inflatable boat lips on Instagram


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Sarah Engels
That's actually how you know singer Sarah Engels © picture alliance, Jens Krick

In his latest Instagram story there Julian English (29) Behind the scenes of his family life. But what is that? while his wife Sarah (30) the common Töchterchen Solea feeds, stands out: the singer's face looks completely different. What's behind her XXL inflatable boat lips?

  Sarah Engels suffers from perfectionism

Is that supposed to be Sarah Engels?!

'You look really good, honey,' Julian says to his lover while filming her for Instagram. When Sarah looks into the camera, she is not recognizable at first. the mom of two looks like the beauty doc meant too well with her. Huge lips and puffy cheeks adorn her face. There has been Sarah's husband of gods apparently allowed a nasty joke and yet gave her an extreme face filter.

  Sarah Engels
With this face filter action, Julian Engels is teasing his Sarah © Instagram, @julbue

'It always has a bitter aftertaste'

The former DSDS participant however, seems to have quickly figured out her husband's prank. 'It always has a bitter aftertaste. You want something from me,' she counters after Julian asks why she is not happy about his compliment. What exactly the prankster had concocted, Sarah could then see in his Instagram story at the latest. It remains to be seen whether she will return the favor for the nasty filter action.

In the video, Sarah & Julian enjoy their love vacation

  Sarah and Julian Engels celebrate togetherness on a love vacation

This celebrity lady likes to do beauty retouching

last made Cora Schumacher (45) made headlines with her completely changed appearance. In a photo in front of the Hollywood sign, which the 45-year-old self-published on Instagram, she was unrecognizable for some fans . Critical voices spoke up with comments such as 'The filters can't be surpassed...why' and 'Oh my goodness, what does it look like?'

Cora herself sees the whole thing a little more relaxed. In America, people simply dig deeper into the retouching box. After their shoot in LA, the photographer edited the snapshots according to the 'American way of Photoshop'. Unlike Sarah Engels, there was no prank behind Cora. (ean)

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