'Bauer sucht Frau' star Anna Heiser shows her scar after a double caesarean section


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  Anna Heiser is a new mom of two.
Anna Heiser is a new mom of two. © instagram.com/anna_m._heiser

In November 2022, 'Bauer sucht Frau' star Anna Heiser (32) became a mother for the second time. After their son Leon, Anna and her husband Gerald were allowed to marry in Namibia via daughter Alina Marikka looking forward. She saw as well as her brother Leon the light of day by caesarean section. No reason to be ashamed of Mama Anna – on the contrary. She proudly presents the scar that gave birth to her children.

  Anna and Gerald Heiser's first interview with the 2nd Namibia baby

Anna Heiser: 'It's about loving our children and that's all that counts.'

'The most beautiful scar on my body. It was worth it!” the 32-year-old now writes in her latest Instagram post. In the picture she holds her son Leon by the hand and her daughter Alina in her arms. She allows a look at her bare post-baby belly and proudly presents her caesarean section scar. 'Yes, I had two c-sections. Yes, I am 'nevertheless' a good mom,' she continues, defending herself against nasty accusations from other mothers who think that a caesarean section is not a 'real birth'.

"Bauer sucht Frau"-Star Anna Heiser ist wieder Mama geworden

Nevertheless, Anna also admits that she would have preferred a 'natural birth' if she had had the choice. 'But even if it sounds paradoxical, I am very happy to have had a caesarean section, because thanks to this surgical attack our children were able to be born healthy,' Anna continues. And no matter how your children were born, only one thing counts for the 'Bauer sucht Frau' candidate: 'It's about loving our children and that's all that counts.'

The love story of Anna and Gerald

2017 war is during court week in Namibia happened quickly to Anna and Gerald. The two fell in love. Just a year later, the “Bauer sucht Frau” dream couple got married and in 2021 little Leon was born. In November 2022 finally beheld Baby Alina Marikka was born five weeks early and is developing splendidly.

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