'Beat the Star': Bully beats his buddy Rick Kavanian


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Schlag den Star": Bully schlägt seinen Kumpel Rick Kavanian
Rick Kavanian (left) and Michael Bully Herbig treated themselves to an espresso during their long 'Beat the Star' duel. © ProSieben/Willi Weber, SpotOn

ProSieben show on Saturday evening

35 years of friendship had to put Rick Kavanian (51) and Michael Bully Herbig (54) on Saturday night. The two actors competed against each other on the ProSieben show 'Schlag den Star' and fought a duel, the outcome of which initially seemed obvious.

Because Michael Bully Herbig quickly gained a lead in games such as 'Attracting dogs', 'Delivering newspapers' or 'Shooting stones'. However, Kavanian fought to the end and was able to score points in 'embarrass or concede' or 'road tennis'. Game 14 was still a match point game for Herbig, against which his buddy successfully defended himself and reduced it to 55:50.

So, contrary to expectations, the last and 15th game came about, in which the two of them dropped beer mats onto a beer glass from a set height, and they were supposed to lie flat on it. With luck and skill, Bully won the final game and was able to win the 100,000 euro prize money with a final score of 70:50 points.

'It doesn't get much more exciting than that'

'In between, I was really depressed. Bully was 33: 3 ahead. And when I came up to it, I thought, 'Ok, the worst embarrassment is over,'' explained Kavanian after the show in the ProSieben interview. 'But it was really fun. And I think it couldn't be more exciting. So close in the last game. I'm really happy for both of us. Everything actually worked out.' Michael Bully Herbig explained after his victory: 'I already saw through Rick's plan, he let me rush first. First I had a great run - then Rick came back. And this final was really a spectacle. I'll probably have the beer mat frame.'

With a market share of 21.4 percent in the target group of 14 to 49 year olds, ProSieben's special Friends edition was the strongest show since the beginning of 'Schlag den Star' and won the primetime show. The show also got a good 10.3 percent of the total audience. ProSieben will show the next issue of 'Beat the Star' on December 17th.

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