Beatrice Egli, Kattia Vides and Annina Ucatis: These celebrity ladies love a politician


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Beatrice Egli, Kattia Vides and Annina Ucatis share one thing in common: they gave their hearts to a politician.
Beatrice Egli, Kattia Vides and Annina Ucatis share one thing in common: they gave their hearts to a politician. © Instagram/beatrice_egli_offiziell/kattiavides/annina_semmelhaack

To have something Beatrice He (3. 4), Kattia Vides (34) and Annina of Ucatis (43) common? All three have won in the election campaign of the heart, each by a politician. While the pop singer is said to be dating an ex-SPD politician, Kattia Vides is already married to a local politician and ex-porn star Annina Ucatis is well on the way there. But they are not the only celebrity ladies who have looked around when choosing a partner in the German Bundestag...

Beatrice Egli is said to be with Mustafa Erkan

  Beatrice Egli is said to be with Mustafa Erkan.
Beatrice Egli is said to be with Mustafa Erkan. © Instagram/beatrice_egli_official/mustafaerkan_

Beatrice Egli's relationship status has not only recently been part of the headlines. The pop singer has already had a liaison with her Colleague Florian Silbereisen and Andrew Gabalier implied. But the man at her side does not work in the music business. But on the contrary: Mustafa Erkan , with whom she is supposed to have a relationship, according to 'BILD', was an SPD politician for a long time and has been working for the Turkish Foreign Ministry since 2017.

Kattia Vides is married to Patrick Weilbach

After Love flop at the bachelor Reality TV star Kattia Vides found her soul mate in the ranks of the CDU. In 2018 their relationship became to the local politician Patrick Weilbach publicly, The dream wedding in Kassel followed in August 2021 .

  Kattia Vides is married

Annina Ucatis has been in a relationship with Hagen Reinhold since 2022

Annina Ucatis has two politicians in her love life. the former porn actress married the FDP politician Theodor Semmelhaack in 2013. But the marriage broke up in 2022 when rumors of foreign affairs about the FDP member of the Bundestag Hagen Reinhold (44) became loud. But the 44-year-old vehemently denied it. “Mr. Reinhold didn't leave his family for me. I'm not a person who pushes into existing relationships,' said the native of Bremerhaven in an interview with RTL.

  Annina Ucatis loves this FDP politician

Franca Lehfeldt made Christian Linder her husband

Franca Lehfeldt (33) has not only made a name for herself in Germany as a political journalist, but also as a new partner of the finance minister Christian Lindner (44). At the Bayreuth Festival, the native of Hamburg and the head of the FDP her love debut in the public. The two then celebrated in 2022 THE dream wedding of the year on Sylt. Since then they have been considered the eye-catcher couple in Germany's political landscape. At this appointment, the 33-year-old even outshone Queen Letizia of Spain (50) .

  Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt got married

Natalia Wörner is dating Heiko Maas

  Natalia Wörner and Heiko Maas: Radiant couple appearance in Cannes
Natalia Wörner and Heiko Maas don't often appear together on the red carpet. © imago/Independent Photo Agency Int., SpotOn

Natalia Worner (55) and Heiko Maas (56), in contrast to the Lehfeldt/Lindners, tend to be more reserved in public. Not much is known about the actress and the former foreign minister. In 2016, they made their love with a joint performance at the opening concert of the 'Intonations' festival in Berlin. Maas had separated from his now ex-wife Corinna just a few months before. that they could soon walk down the aisle. But knowing the secretive couple, this information would probably only come to light after a wedding. (lkr)

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