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Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Beatrice Egli
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Has Beatrice Egli (34) a new man by her side? Officially, the singer has been single for eight years. But lately, the rumor mill was churning at full speed. Beatrice was spotted in Berlin with an unknown man by her side, as reported by RTL . The looks the two exchanged spoke volumes. Now the management of the Swiss clarifies who the person is.

Is Beatrice Egli newly in love?

When it comes to speculation surrounding Beatrice's love life, the focus is usually on colleagues from the hit star, such as Florian Silbereisen (41), Andreas Gabalier (37) and Ben Zucker (39). Now, however, she was seen with a complete stranger. Did Cupid's arrow hit the two of them? Obviously not.

'The man in the picture is a member of the management team, and that's all there is,' Beatrice's manager Martin Hobler clarified to 'Blick'. So the love rumors are “all hot air”. He left open whether the singer was in love.

 Beatrice Egli cuddles with Lukas Podolski

'It's not about looks'

Beatrice has kept a low profile for years when it comes to her private happiness. 'I have no problem showing myself in public with a partner. Unfortunately, in the last six years, I've never gotten to the point where the trust after getting to know each other would have become so strong that I would have dared to go public,' she said in an interview in 2019.

However, the 34-year-old has precise ideas about her Mr. Right. During an appearance on the show 'Grill den Henssler' she revealed what is important to her in her dream man: 'It's not about looks. It's just important to me that he's a guy, has some character, is passionate and has something in his life that he's passionate about.' (tma)

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