Because of Lisbeth: Why live games have become so important


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  Because of Lisbeth: Why live games have become so important
Because of Lisbeth: Matthias Rohde, Dominik 'Doz' Zschäbitz, Julian Zschäbitz, Julian Hölting and Robert Tischer (from left). © Sony Music, SpotOn

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'It often feels as if the music is a promotional purpose for a live event, and the music is no longer perceived as art,' says Julian Hölting, bassist in the band Von Wegen Lisbeth, with a shocking statement. The music industry has suffered a lot in recent years, but it has also produced a lot of new music that is now waiting to be presented live. So also the third studio album of the 'Lisbeths'. The five Berliners' talent for packaging feelings in images and sound so that everyone can identify with them is once again showcased on the new record. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Julian Hölting explains why live concerts are becoming more important than ever.

Your new album is titled A Star System. What relation do you have to the topic 'Space'?

Julian Hölting: We actually only took it because of the name. We wanted to name the album after a star system, then read through the long list and we liked 'EZ Aquarii' right away. We also liked that 'EZ' is the abbreviation for 'easy'.

EZ Aquarii is a star system in the constellation Aquarius. Is anyone in the band Aquarius?

Hölting: I am actually Aquarius. It's sort of my album.

In a sense, the album is about moving with another person in different worlds and being far away from each other. Is it a unique feature of your band to convey emotions and feelings through images?

Hölting: Since the German language is so precise, it leaves little room for interpretation. Therefore, the simplest means is to transport the feeling through pictures and everyday situations. So no magic is lost.

In the chorus of 'Alles OK' it says 'And everything is okay, I have a lot of new people now. But sometimes it still hurts. And by sometimes I mean today'. The song stands out lyrically as it is a very direct and honest song. How did this extraordinary song come about?

Hölting: The lyrics of the song are totally unusual, that's true. Most of the sketches were created during the lockdown period and therefore all band members felt it right away.

But you didn't all split up at that time?

Hölting: No, fortunately not!

Is it important to you as a band that people think about the lyrics?

Hölting: No, we don't care at all. We can't influence that either. For us as musicians it is of course important because we express ourselves through it. But if someone makes 'Elon Musk' a party song and just never thinks about it, that's okay too!

The first time there is a feature on a song. How did the collaboration with the rapper Longus Mongus (BHZ) come about?

Hölting: We've often done sessions with other musicians to see if something comes of it. For the album now, that was just the feature that goes really well with it and makes the song better! We always find it really exciting how rappers work. Longus Mongus wrote his part in ten minutes. We would never do it like that! So we were very happy that Longus Mongus had the time and inclination.

What do you think of the development of the music world and streaming services?

Hölting: The answer to how to consume music these days is simply not there yet. In any case, the world of streaming has changed the music business enormously, making live playing all the more important. You don't earn money with CD sales anymore and you don't earn money with streaming anyway. It often feels like the music is a promotional purpose for a live event and the music is no longer perceived as art at all. I find it difficult that it has such an influence on music if you don't actively fight back. We did that as a band, but of course you are still influenced. I also listen to music every day via streaming services, but I wish everyone would realize how important live music is for artists! This is the most real way to connect with an artist.

How did you experience the festival summer?

Hölting: I really enjoyed the summer and it was really, really fun to play again. But there was also a negative note, because you really think about what is happening in this industry. But the euphoria of the audience gave us motivation and confirmed how important music is!

Are there any festivals you really want to play?

Hölting: The location of Superbloom, the festival that was in Munich for the first time, definitely looks great!

After the festival summer is before the tour. When are you going on vacation?

Hölting: Definitely in November! This summer we simply planned our vacation around the dates when we had a week off. We would never cancel a festival for a holiday.

What can the audience expect on tour?

Hölting: We have never taken so much repertoire from the new album directly on tour. It will be the longest setlist we have ever played and also the most musical tour! Definitely a live experience worth checking out!

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