Ben Zucker wants to travel to Tokyo – by bike


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  Ben Zucker wants to escape the stress of everyday life
Ben Zucker wants to escape the stress of everyday life © german press agency

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  • Ben Zucker wants to travel to Tokyo – by bike
  • Verona Pooth meets 'Modern Talking' legend Thomas Anders
  • Thoughtful words from Beatrice Egli: 'I had to let go of a lot of familiar things!'
  • Premature 'dream ship' for Florian Silbereisen? That's what his colleague Daniel Morgenroth says about the rumors

January 7, 2023: Ben Zucker wants to travel to Tokyo – by bike

ben sugar has big plans for 2023! The singer has not had an easy time. Last year, after a failed relationship, he was plagued by lovesickness and during the Corona crisis he fell into a deep hole . Now Ben wants to escape the stress of everyday life and challenge himself. The 39-year-old is planning a trip to Tokyo – by bike. He explained to 'Das Neue Blatt': 'There is an official route. It starts in Berlin. If you really pull it off, you need almost 200 days.”

But the musician doesn't want to tackle the adventure alone, he wants a partner who already has experience in such things. 'You also come through countries where you have to be a little careful,' explains Ben. And to be able to cope with the exertion, he has already changed his diet. 'I try to cut down on unhealthy fats and calories and don't eat after 6 p.m.'

However, there is no exact start date for the tour yet.

January 6, 2023: Here Verona Pooth meets 'Modern Talking' star Thomas Anders

Verona Pooth (54) and Thomas Anders (59) have one thing in common: they were in a relationship with Pop-Titan for a long time Dieter Bohlen (68). she is his ex-wife, he's his ex-band member in 'Modern Talking' - and now they meet again after decades in a TV show called 'More than Talking'! Verona is the host of the 'Magenta TV' talk series and has a surprise up her sleeve for the second episode: none other than Thomas will sit next to her...

The episode will only be broadcast on MagentaTV from January 12th, but a teaser that the duo is already sharing on Instagram proves: The chemistry between the two couldn't be better!

January 4, 2023: Beatrice Egli: 'I had to let go of a lot of familiar things'

For Beatrice He (34) couldn't the start of the new year be any better! 'I just found out that I'm number one on the 'Airplay Charts' of the year. Oh my gosh! This is the best New Year's message I've received and I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking all the risks together last year and it's nice that we encourage each other to be brave and go your own way,' explains the pop singer overjoyed in her Instagram story. In 2022 she landed a huge success with her song 'Volles risk'. But she had to work hard for it.

The past twelve months have been incredibly demanding and cost a lot of strength, Beatrice lets her 479,000 followers know. 'For me, very, very emotional times are behind me and yes, I had to let go of a lot of the familiar in order to gain something new, to discover something new - and the new is incredibly good.' A motivating conclusion that should also inspire her fans. 'I wish you a happy new year, in which you continue to courageously go your own way and that we encourage each other to do so. Everyone is unique, is unique and only you know your path. And go your own way – full risk,” Beatrice appeals to her community.

January 3, 2023: 'Dream Ship'-Out for Florian Silbereisen? 'Hope the rumors are wrong'

'We traditionally start the new year!', wrote Florian Silbereisen (41) on New Year's Day on Instagram. It was that time again and the ZDF 'dream ship' set sail, this time to the Bahamas. Also on board is Captain Max Parger, played by the pop singer himself. But recently there have been rumors that the ex of Helene Fischer (38) could leave the ship early, even though he signed a new contract in 2021 until 2024. Now his acting colleague expresses himself Daniel Morgenroth (58) to the speculations. He has played staff captain Martin Grimm since 2019. 'I hope it goes on like this for a while,' he says in an interview with 'Express', 'and that the rumors are wrong.' Apparently he doesn't really know what Florian's days as captain are like either .

As a staff captain, the 58-year-old already has a certain rank on board. Since his colleague is heavily involved as a hit star and ARD show master, the broadcaster has a suitable captain on board in Daniel, who could take over the helm if Florian fails. But Daniel doesn't want to think about a complete failure. 'I really like the situation as it is now and I hope that it will continue to exist,' he admits in an interview. Of course, this should give both sides the greatest possible flexibility. In addition to the Silbereisen rumors, Amira Pocher (30) last caused a stir when her husband Oliver Pocher (44) supposedly blabbered about her latest project .

  Florian Silbereisen and Daniel Morgenroth in the ZDF program"Das Traumschiff"
Florian Silbereisen on board the ZDF 'Traumschiff' with his colleague Daniel Morgenroth. © picture alliance, / ZDF and Dirk Bartling

January 2, 2023: Roland Kaiser shares a rare picture with his children

Nice surprise for the fans of Roland Kaiser (70) . The hit star shared a family picture with two of his three children on Instagram. Together with daughter Annalena and son Jan he poses at the turn of the year in a festively decorated location. The singer writes about the New Year's Eve snapshot: 'Dear friends, we wish you a healthy and happy 2023 - and don't forget to have fun. Your Roland'. The Kaisers celebrated the turn of the year at the Naudererhof, a wellness hotel in Tyrol. While the two men pose for the camera in dark suits and white shirts, Annalena sparkles in a glitter blazer.

The 24-year-old and her brother come from Roland's third marriage to his wife Silvia. Another son, Hendrik, came from his second marriage to Anja Schüte.

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