'Beverly Hills Cop 4': This is known so far for the continuation of the cult films


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"Beverly Hills Cop 4": Alles, was bisher zur Fortsetzung bekannt ist
Original cast members Judge Reinhold, John Ashton and Eddie Murphy (left to right) return to the camera for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley. © imago images/Everett Collection, SpotOn

'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley', a late sequel to the successful film series of the 1980s, will probably be released next year. Made between 1984 and 1994 Eddie Murphy (61) as Detective Axel Foley on the streets of the posh suburb of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and shone with investigative methods that were as unconventional as they were entertaining.

Sequel after 29 years

The fourth part of the action comedy franchise is currently being developed in California. It is a Netflix production that will not be shown in cinemas, but exclusively on the streaming service. main actor Murphy after 'Der Prinz aus Zamunda 2' (2021) is continuing one of his hits from the 1980s with the new title for the second time in a short space of time. Everything known so far about the sequel is compiled here.

'Beverly Hills Cop 4': These old and new cast members star

A number of actors have already been officially confirmed for the sequel. In addition to the main actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('Inception', 41) and Taylor Paige ('Ma Rainey's Black Bottom', 31) will also take part in the Netflix film in previously unknown roles.

In addition, four familiar faces from the original trilogy are returning: Actor Judge Reinhold (65) will once again embody police officer Billy Rosewood, who became Foley's partner and friend over the course of three films. John Ashton (74) plays the gruff, experienced cop John Taggart - as before in the original film and the sequel 'Beverly Hills Cop II' from 1987.

Also reviving their old roles will be Paul Reiser (66) as Foley's Detroit colleague Jeffrey Friedman and Bronson Pinchot (63) as fan favorite Serge. Reiser sat out 1994's 'Beverly Hills Cop III,' while Pinchot's role in said film expanded significantly, having previously taken a break from part two.

That's what 'Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley' is about

There is currently no reliable information about the plot of the new film. Since the filming is mainly in California, the sequel naturally takes place in the location from the title. However, some unconfirmed rumors about the plot are circulating on the Internet. Accordingly, Axel Foley should return to Beverly Hills because his daughter is in danger. Together with her ex-boyfriend, a police officer, Foley then allegedly investigates dangerous cartels and comes across criminal machinations in which even the Beverly Hills police are involved.

If this synopsis is confirmed, it seems possible that newcomers will play Paige Foley's daughter and Gordon-Levitt the cop she once dated.

The staff behind the scenes

Mark Molloy, for whom 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' is his feature film directorial debut, takes a seat in the director's chair of the fourth part. Will Beall wrote the screenplay. In addition to Murphy himself, Hollywood legend Jerry Bruckheimer (79) is also involved as a producer.

Should the new part be a success, Netflix has the option of a sequel to the sequel.

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