Bibi Classen went into hiding after separating from Julian: 'She's not doing well'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Influencer Joline Elisa and Bibi Claßen
Influencer Joline Elisa happened to run into mega-influencer Bibi Claßen while shopping. © TikTok, /xj0line

It came as a big shock to her millions of fans when Bibi Claßen (29) and her husband Julian (29) announced their separation in May . The YouTubers were a couple for ten years and have two children – all of that is passé. The 'BibisBeautyPalace' blogger then withdrew from the public. Many of their followers are concerned. Now also an influencer who is also a huge fan of hers. She accidentally caught Bibi shopping – and not good news.

Fan meets his idol

Joline Elisa is 18 years old, so right in the target group of Bibi Claßen on YouTube back then . 'My biggest dream has come true, people!', It now bubbles out of her in a TikTok video. 'I'm about to cry!'. The video shows the young blonde walking excitedly through a clothing store. She is shopping with a friend when she suddenly sees her idol: 'I can't go there and disturb her!'

Joline is an influencer herself. She has more than 750,000 followers on Instagram. Her 'Bibi video' on TikTok has received over 100,000 likes. 'I miss her so much even though I don't know her,' one of Joline's followers wrote under the video. The 18-year-old herself reports that she wanted to write to Bibi just a few days ago, 'that I'm sorry for what she's going through at the moment.' Now she has the chance to do it face to face – and she dares !

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Bibi Classen has retired

The 18-year-old plucked up all the courage and approached Bibi in the shop. 'I think at first she didn't really want to take a picture,' she tells her followers, who are cheering on the comments about the video. 'I asked twice: is it really okay that we take a picture?! And then she was okay with it.”

But the photo showing Joline shocked many TikTok users. 'Bibi looks very sad in the picture,' writes one. 'It's so good to finally see her again. But it still breaks my heart how she looks,' says another of her feelings. For a long time, 29-year-old Bibi has not shown up online and has gone into hiding. About a month ago she gave a sign of life on Instagram, but that only fueled the concerns of many followers . While her ex Julian shows himself in his new, happy relationship almost every day , speculates the internet community, whether Bibi might be separated from her new boyfriend Timothy .

Joline doesn't have good news

Joline's impression of the meeting she shares on TikTok with her own fans: 'Oh man, people! She's not feeling well!' Then she repeats: 'I swear! She's not doing well at all!' Nevertheless, she was so happy about the sign of life from her. 'Let's start pushing her even harder to rebuild her confidence!' suggests a follower.

Bibi did not comment on this – and went into hiding again. (vne)

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