Big farewell for Schlager icon Jürgen Drews – those were the most emotional moments


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Jürgen Drews recording the ARD broadcast"Zum allerletzten Mal:Der Grosse Schlagerabschied" in der Media City in Leipzig am 22.10.2022
ARD broadcast For the very last time: The big hit farewell in Media City in Leipzig © action press, ActionPress, bg

Standing for over six decades Jurgen Drews (77) on stage. It's over now. The hit star has retired. But he doesn't leave without one last big bang. Colleagues, fans and companions gave Jürgen Drews a fitting farewell with the show “The Great Schlager Farewell”. A show full of emotions where not a dry eye stayed.

After a few minutes, the first tears flowed

  Wife Ramona Drews, Jürgen Drews, Maite Kelly and Florian Silbereisen recording the ARD show"Zum allerletzten Mal:Der Grosse Schlagerabschied" in der Media City in Leipzig am 22.10.2022
Maite Kelly moved the hit star to tears © action press, ActionPress, bg

The 'King of Mallorca' was greeted on stage by his fans with huge applause and shouts of 'Jürgen'. But not only wanted to see Jürgen Drews on stage one last time, but also his Schlager colleagues. ben sugar (39), Marianne Rosenberg (67), David Hasselhoff (70) or Ross Antony (48) Drews celebrated once again.

Also Maite Kelly (43) stood for him on the stage. Together with the host of the evening Florian Silbereisen (41) she sang a song written especially for Drews that moved him to tears. Ben Zucker followed suit and also presented a song composed for Drews. 'The bed in the cornfield is now empty' is the title. In it he sings 'without you it's going to be quiet, damn quiet'. Jürgen Drews burst into tears again. 'You made me start crying,' he says to Ben Zucker after the performance.

In the video: Jürgen Drews gives his last concert

  Jürgen Drews gives his very last concert

A declaration of love for his wife Ramona

  PRODUCTION - October 22, 2022, Saxony, Leipzig: The German pop singer Jürgen Drews, his daughter Joelina (M) and his wife Ramona are on stage during the television show The big hit farewell. Schlage says goodbye with the show
Jürgen Drews with his wife Ramona and daughter Joelina © dpa, Hendrik Schmidt, hsc

His wife Ramona (49) and his daughter were by his side all evening As Joel (27). They sat to his left and right on the sofa. For him they are the most important people in his life and he emphasizes that again and again. He has been with his wife for over 30 years and still loves her like the first day: 'I love her more than anything. Ramona belongs by my side, we hold hands, we just love each other. And that is the most beautiful thing when you love each other.” Words are followed by deeds: Ramona says that he still writes little love letters to her today and picks flowers from the garden.

His last appearance belonged to his daughter

The best for last. He made his final appearance with his daughter Joelina. He in a white suit and she in a white dress stood side by side on the stage and sang together one last time – at least in public. At the end there were fireworks and wet eyes again. How much this appearance meant to his daughter can be seen from her emotional words, which she addresses to her dad on Instagram. There she writes: It is not easy for me to put into words how enriching you were, are and always will be - not only for me - but for so many people and generations! Your career and your life's work is extraordinary and I admire you for it and take my hat off to you! You pioneered an entire genre of music and paved the way for many artists to come after you. Dad, I love you with all my heart! This is your life's work and you deserve it! I admire you forever!” And Jürgen Drews has more than earned his retirement after this unique career. ( mri )

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