Bill Kaulitz: In L.A. he was able to really live for the first time


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 During a visit to Hamburg, Bill Kaulitz reveals what he finds so great about his new home in LA.
Bill Kaulitz speaks openly about his adopted home LA. © IMAGO/Stephan Wallocha,

Bill and. have lived for 12 years Tom Kaulitz (33) already in Los Angeles. Before that they were allowed to call cities like Hamburg and Magdeburg their home. Now Bill is visiting Germany for work and explains why he would not return to his home country.

'L.A. has become our home'

Bill Kaulitz is currently one of six jurors for the young talent award 'Anchor' in Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival . In an interview with the German Press Agency, the native of Saxony says: 'I have to say: When I'm back in Hamburg, memories come up. Somehow the city has a special place in my heart' because it 'feels a bit like home'. And not without reason: before moving to Los Angeles in 2010, the twins Bill and Tom spent a lot of time in and around Hamburg. But they didn't really live there: 'We were incredibly isolated. Going out and partying was out of the question. We lived very secluded.'

With the success that the joint band Tokio Hotel was able to enjoy at the time, that's no wonder. All the better that the brothers have now found a retreat that lets them enjoy life: 'L.A. has become our home. I don't think that will change again,' because: 'That's when I really lived life for the first time - without always being on the road and not having a real home.'

'...a bit like being a tourist in your own country.'

Nevertheless, Bill and Tom Kaulitz will not forget their home country Germany. If there are projects in Germany, the cult twins always live in their self-proclaimed 'band city': Berlin. And also otherwise stands Bill Kaulitz very positive about his visits to Germany: 'It's a bit like being a tourist in your own country. I just come here and do all the nice things and then I'm gone again.” Sounds like a good compromise!

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