Birgit Schrowange: The time after the separation from Markus Lanz was so bad


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Birgit Schrowange
Presenter Birgit Schrowange has not been able to avoid lovesickness in the past. © imago/Future Image, SpotOn

Even if ex-RTL presenter Birgit Schrowange (64) has now found her new happiness in love with Frank Sporthelfer (55), she occasionally recalls her broken relationship with Markus Lanz (53) back. Now the TV celebrity speaks openly about the painful past.

Love off after eight years

They were once considered THE dream couple of the German television landscape: Birgit Schrowange and Markus Lanz. In 1998, the two former RTL colleagues met and fell in love. The former moderator couple crowned their relationship in 2000 with their son Laurin (22).

Then came the shock in 2006: Birgit and Markus announced their love-off. Even if the first years of the relationship should have been nice, it was probably not enough in the end. However, the two parted on good terms.

  Birgit Schrowange and Markus Lanz
Birgit and Markus were once considered a TV dream couple. © dpa, A2931 Bernd Weißbrod

Birgit Schrowange: 'Of course I also had difficult times'

The separation from her long-term partner seemed to Birgit Schrowange, who moderated the RTL magazine 'Extra' for 25 years , but anything but easy. 'Of course I also had difficult times,' she now openly admits to the magazine 'My Illu'. 'For example, after separating from Markus Lanz, the father of my child. That was of course an extremely unpleasant time,' Birgit continues.

In the video: Birgit about the engagement with her new partner Frank

  Birgit Schrowange:"Eheringe haben wir schon"

New happiness in love for Birgit and Markus

However, the painful split has made the grey-haired TV celebrity stronger. “I'm definitely dominant, but in a good way. If I want something, then I get behind it,' reveals Birgit in an interview. Whether she agrees with this attitude her current partner, the Swiss businessman Frank Sporthelfer , fished?

  Birgit Schrowange, Frank Spothelfer at Bambi awards at Theater am Potsdamer Platz. Berlin, Germany - 16.11.2017Featuring: Birgit Schrowange, Frank SpothelferWhere: Berlin, GermanyWhen: 16 Nov 2017Credit: AEDT/
Today Birgit is overjoyed with her Frank. © AEDT/, SKA/HSS

The two have been on cloud nine for five years now and have even been planning their wedding for a long time. A milestone that Birgit never reached in her past partners.

But ex-boyfriend Markus Lanz has again found his happiness in love with his wife Angela Gessmann (38). . Despite all the unpleasant memories, the past love chaos will certainly be a long way off for both parties. (ean)

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