Black Forest 'crime scene': Lisa Hagmeister plays the suspicious mother


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 black forest"Tatort": Lisa Hagmeister spielt die verdächtige Mutter
'Tatort: ​​The Views of Others': Lisa Hagmeister as Sandra Vogt, who is completely devoted to dance. © SWR/Benoît Linder, SpotOn

'D'Sandra is just d'Sandra'

In 'Tatort: ​​The Views of Others' (November 6), community worker Sandra Vogt makes it difficult for investigators Tobler and Berg not to regard her as a suspected mother. The mother, whose child and husband have disappeared, is so stonewalled. This woman, who was declared an outsider by those around her, is embodied by the Berlin actress Lisa Hagmeister (b. 1979).

Crime star and punk singer

Hagmeister completed her training from 1999 to 2003 at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin. Then she acted in theaters in Düsseldorf from 2003 to 2006 - including first awards as best young actress in North Rhine-Westphalia. She was also noticed at the next stop in Hamburg.

From 2007 Hagmeister also started her television career. For the leading role in an episode of 'Tatort: ​​The Early Farewell' (2008, Sänger and Dellwo, Frankfurt am Main) as a young mother whose baby dies, she was awarded the special prize for outstanding individual performance at the German TV Crime Prize 2008. With 'Tatort: ​​The Early Farewell' and 'Tatort: ​​The Views of Others' there are now a total of six Sunday thrillers in her filmography. She was last seen in the Rostock 'Polizeiruf 110: In Flammen' (2017, Bukow and König).

Hagmeister was also part of the international cinema and festival success 'Systemsprenger' (2019). She played the mother of the untameable little protagonist Benni, who was played by the multiple award-winning Helena Zengel (14) from Berlin. In the first episode of the first season of the successful series 'Kranitz - When Separation Money Back' (2021) she showed her talent for improvisation.

In addition to acting, Lisa Hagmeister has a second passion: she is the singer of the Hamburg punk band N.R.F.B., founded in 2011.

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