Bloody attack: Princess Anne's dog bites another dog almost dead


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  Princess Anne's dog almost killed another dog
Princess Anne's dog almost killed another dog © imago/PPE, SpotOn

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  • Bloody biting: Princess Anne's dog attacks another dog
  • Greeks bid farewell to their ex-king Constantine II.

January 18: Concern for George & Charlotte: Princess Anne's dog suddenly bites

It could have turned out very differently. Supposed to be on the edge of a pheasant hunt in the grounds of Sandringham Castle Princess Annes (72) bull terrier attacked another dog and almost killed him, reports the 'Daily Mail'. Those present are said to have reported a bloody biting. It was difficult to separate the dogs because Anne's terrier bit so deeply into the flesh of the other dog.

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'There was a lot of blood and a lot of screaming,' a witness to the incident told the British newspaper. Fortunately, the attacked dog survived, but the atmosphere was 'very tense' afterwards. It is still unclear whether the incident will have legal consequences for Princess Anne. According to the 'Daily Mail', the princess's dogs were said to have snapped before and attacked employees, but also the Queen's corgis. Anne's Terrier Dotty attacked two boys in Windsor Great Park in 2002. The princess was then fined £500 (approx. €570).

The attack, which seemed to come out of nowhere, is said to have caused great concern for the little royals among many in attendance. 'What if it was Charlotte, George, or one of the other kids?'

January 16, 2023: A nation mourns the loss of Constantine II.

  King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands at the funeral of Constantine II
King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands at the funeral of Constantine II © action press, ActionPress, sz

Constantine of Greece died on January 10, 2023 , the former king was 82 years old. The memorial service and burial of the deceased began this Monday in the Greek capital Athens. Citizens could pay their last respects to the former monarch in a small chapel next to the cathedral. The royal families from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and England, among others, mourned with Queen Anne-Marie. Princess Anne, sister of Britain's King Charles III, was also present.

Since the monarchy in Greece was abolished by referendum in 1974, Constantine II is buried as a private citizen.

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