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  Prinz Harry
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Body language experts are like lie detectors - because with gestures and facial expressions we unconsciously grant an insight into our emotional world. Whether we want it or not. Before that, even a media professional like Prinz Harry (38) do not protect. During his disclosure interview, which was broadcast exclusively on RTL in Germany on January 9th , his body speaks a clear language. Body language expert Daniel Hoch knows this only too well. But what is he revealing?

Does Prince Harry Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

As part of the advertising campaign for his Memoir 'Spare' (in German: 'Reserve') given several groundbreaking interviews, including with ITV's Tom Bradby and CBS's Anderson Cooper. In the controversial interviews, the 38-year-old spoke about his difficult relationship to his Father King Charles III. (74) and his brother Prince William (40). He also revealed intimate details about his stepmother Camilla (75), the reportedly 'planned' to marry his father .

What the body language expert immediately notices is how 'deliberate' Harry approaches the interview. His answers are not spontaneous, but seem 'rehearsed'. 'In the interview you can see that he thought a lot beforehand, what do I say and how do I get that across to the viewer. You can see that he shows emotions. He works with his hands and you can also see his wet eyes. But you can also see that he's trying to come across as professional,' says Hoch. And further: “I claim that for 90 percent of the viewers it comes across as super credible and emotional. From the expert’s point of view, it’s more of a staging [...] Here the cameras come on, poker face and off we go.”

The dad-of-two seems very “reserved” when answering and makes sure that no wrong word slips from his lips. In contrast to the many other moments in which third parties have unpacked about his private life, he now wants to tell his own truth. The way Harry licks his lips reveals 'that he doesn't like what other people write about him at all'.

British experts, speaking to the Daily Mail, claim the disgraced royal is exhibiting 'self-destructive behavior' which is a result of a post-traumatic stress disorder could be. He is also said to bring 'anger and bitterness out of grief about his mother's death projected onto his adult years'. Does Daniel Hoch see it the same way?

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In the video: This is how Great Britain reacts to Prince Harry's statements

  This is how Britain reacts to Prince Harry's statements

Discrepancy between love and deep sadness

Our expert comments on the discrepancy that the 38-year-old unpacks critically about his family on the one hand, but also chooses loving words for them. It seems as if 'two hearts are beating in his chest'. And further: “On the one hand, it shows many negative points. Towards his father, Camilla and Co. and on the other side, he makes them a declaration of love. [...] He loves her and at the same time there is a deep sadness there. And you can see that in his eyes.'

For example his raised eyebrows, which underline his interest and his love for Charles and William. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of 'pain and sadness over the last few years' that Harry can't hide.

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Interview in the RTL live ticker

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