Boris Becker: 'Prison was good for me!'


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  Boris Becker im TV-Interview
Boris Becker im TV-Interview © SAT.1/Nadine Rupp

In April 2022 became Boris Becker (55) sentenced to two and a half years in prison - and then immediately taken to a prison in England. On December 15, the ex-tennis legend was allowed to leave prison early . Becker became deported to Germany . Now the fallen star is giving his first interview and speaks for the first time about his time behind bars . All information is available here in the live ticker.

Live ticker: Boris Becker talks about his time behind bars

  • 12/20/2022 9:09:02 PM

    'Money has never been my motivation!'

    10:02 p.m.: Now it’s about the coal! 'Did you know at any point in your life how much money you had in your account?' Gätjen wants to know from Boris. 'No,' was the honest answer. Boris thought he could trust the people in his life. 'Money has never been my motivation. I earned my first million when I was 17 and forgot to collect my prize money (...) Money has never had any value for me.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:59:13 PM

    Boris: 'Prison was good for me!'

    9:55 p.m .: The moderator asks Boris how he has changed. Has prison made him a better person? 'I think this prison stay brought me back.' He rediscovered himself as a tennis player. discipline and determination. “Now my job is to continue on this path. I think prison was good for me.”

    It's going to the next commercial break. Then it should be about Boris' time after the dismissal a week ago.
  • 12/20/2022 8:54:49 PM

    'She asked me to stop calling her Lilly!'

    9:44 p.m. When it comes to Boris’ wife Lilly, the tennis star dodges Gätjen’s questions. 'I'm also grateful to her for giving me Amadeus. But I'm not the type to speak badly about ex-relations.' It becomes clear that the two do not really get along well. But Boris makes it clear that he will say 'no bad words' about her, after all he is a gentleman. He adds: 'She asked me not to call her Lilly anymore.'
    The former celebrity dream couple separated in May 2018, the divorce is still ongoing.
  • 12/20/2022 8:50:54 PM

    Boris about his ex-wife Barbara

    9:42 p.m .: For his ex-wife Barbara, with whom he was married from 1993 to 2001, Boris has only positive words in the interview. 'We've been divorced for over 20 years, but we can be proud of how we've come through it and how we're raising our sons. We are relaxed and we look forward to seeing each other. But she also has her own life.”
  • 12/20/2022 8:46:50 PM

    Prison brought Boris closer to his daughter

    9:40 pm Boris and his first wife Barbara (56) have sons Noah (28) and Elias (23). Son Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker (12) comes from the marriage to Lilly Becker. His only daughter Anna Ermakova (22) was born in the notorious 'broom closet affair' with the Russian-British model Angela Ermakova (54).

    How was your contact with them while you were in jail? 'I've been in contact with all four.' His youngest son Amadeus even wanted to visit him, but Boris didn't want a 12-year-old boy to go to jail. The reason was also the mother: 'We have a difficult relationship!' Boris misses him enormously – especially because he is currently not allowed to go to London.

    He has never had as much contact with his daughter Anna as during his time in prison. 'The relationship has become closer.' Now they want to spend a lot more time together. 'It took a prison for us to get so close.' They talked on the phone every two weeks, she also wanted to visit him. 'A wonderful girl!'
  • 12/20/2022 8:40:36 PM

    This is how Boris nurtured his love for Lilian

    9.35 p.m. Let's go! Was Boris afraid that love with Lilian would not survive this difficult period? 'No, not for a moment.' At certain times they talked on the phone every day.

    His highlight in everyday life in prison was always the visits from his girlfriend.

  • 12/20/2022 8:29:53 PM

    'Michael Stich wrote me a three-page letter'

    9:24 p.m .: “There were dozens of letters every day (…) I didn’t want to attract attention, but I got so many letters,” says Boris. Letters from fans, friends, old acquaintances. 'I've read every single letter. I've collected them all and will be replying to them over the Christmas period.'

    Boris was particularly surprised by one letter. Michael Stich, former German tennis player and Olympic champion, dedicated three pages to him. When he talks about it, Boris falters. Tears of emotion can be seen. 'I didn't expect that.' Many tennis colleagues have written to him. He lists some names. 'A lot of people I didn't expect.'

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  • 12/20/2022 8:24:50 PM

    Boris celebrated his 55th birthday in prison

    9:20 p.m .: Boris spent his 55th birthday on November 22, 2022 in prison. His fellow inmates surprised him: 'I got three cakes. I didn't even have that when I was free.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:24:30 PM

    Thanks to a priest, he was able to phone his mom

    9:16 p.m .: Boris says that he received a visit from a priest at the beginning of his stay in prison. Spontaneously, Boris asked the priest: 'I would like to speak to my mother, but I can't do that from my cell.' The priest helped him - and made his wish come true. 'When Mother's Day was in Germany, I could call her.'

    'I told her I was alive, that I was fine. She wanted to hear my voice, I reassured her that she didn't have to worry - of course that was a lie. But I didn't want to worry her.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:18:55 PM

    Jürgen Klopp was not allowed to visit him in prison

    9:13 p.m .: Who was not allowed to visit Boris in prison? Boris: 'I'm very good friends with Jürgen Klopp and Johannes B. Kerner - they wanted to visit me in Huntercombe prison. So I gave the names – the governor's answer: “Jürgen is not allowed to visit you, he is too well known. We are concerned for his safety. So we have to reject that.” Kerner and Becker's other friend, entrepreneur Ion Țiriac, were also rejected. Too risky.
  • 12/20/2022 8:17:22 PM

    Boris' relationship with his children

    9:11 p.m. Boris reveals who received his first and only two calls. To his son Noah and his love Lilian. At first he didn't want to see anyone: 'You don't want to expect that from your family.' After a week Lilian came to visit for the first time. 'And was shocked at how I looked.' But she only told him that later, reports Boris with a wink.

    Boris explains how the visits to the prison work: 'Two visits a month, I had to give the names, then these guests are checked. So it's a slow process.' But you have a lot of time in prison anyway, says Boris.
  • 12/20/2022 8:13:33 PM

    Boris taught English and math

    9:08 p.m .: It’s back to everyday life in prison. 'The problem you have in the beginning is that you don't have a job.' After ten days, Boris was asked if he could teach English and math. 'So my life got easier because I got out of the cell. You go crazy in the cell,' the 55-year-old recalls.
  • 12/20/2022 8:07:00 PM

    The tears continue

    9:05 p.m .: “There were two moments when I was afraid for my life,” says Boris when it continues after the commercial break.
  • 12/20/2022 8:02:37 PM

    'A prisoner wanted to kill me!'

    8:55 p.m .: Was there a situation in which Boris was afraid for his life? 'In the first two or three weeks I got to know a prisoner who had been in prison for 25 years for multiple murders. He wanted my money.' And finally started to lightly blackmail him. 'Otherwise he'll show me,' said the tennis legend.

    And: 'In the second prison, I had an argument with a prisoner who wanted to kill me. He wanted to do my laundry, told me verbally what he was going to do with me. That was only in October. But he had underestimated , that I had a position in prison, that the other prisoners in the wing became aware, came out.' So you defended Boris. A day later the man asked for forgiveness. 'He threw himself on the ground in front of me, my hand kissed.'

    Boris takes this memory with him. He said to the prisoner: 'I have great respect for you.' Boris cries, asks for 'one minute'. It's the commercial break...
  • 12/20/2022 7:53:55 PM

    'I was so hungry - you eat everything!'

    8:48 p.m .: Boris talks about his everyday life in prison. 'When the cell door closes, the whole world falls apart. It's the loneliest moment I've ever had. It's just you with your thoughts. There's a merry-go-round in your head, of course. You try to breathe calmly. I was afraid I didn't cry.'

    The main food was rice and potatoes – chicken on the weekends. That was something special. 'You just eat everything because you're so hungry.' When the food was served, he was afraid. 'You don't know what he did behind you.'
  • 12/20/2022 7:46:56 PM

    That's how small Boris' first cell was

    8:42 p.m.: A photo of Boris' solitary cell is displayed. 'It's never that clean.' He had a small TV – 'That was very important. Somehow you have to survive the hours.' At the end was a ventilation hole for fresh air. 'That's it. That was my home.' And adds: 'What we don't have in the cell is a mirror. You can break it and use it as a weapon. When I saw myself for the first time after imprisonment, I was shocked.'
  • 12/20/2022 7:44:46 PM

    'I had two big worries!'

    8.40 p.m .: Boris reports on his arrival in prison: “I looked at the floor a lot.” Just don’t look at any other knacki wrong. About prison: “Extremely dirty. Extremely dangerous. Everything you can imagine is cell by cell here. You meet everyone. This is the detention center for criminals from London. murderers, child molesters.”

    'I no longer exist as a name. My number was A2923EV – that's how I was addressed.' Boris came first to a large collective cell. 'That scared me (...) something could happen.' He didn't know if he would be put in a solitary cell. He had two big worries: that he would be put in a double cell – “I was really scared” – and that he would be attacked in the shower. But there were individual showers, so nothing could happen to him. 'They classified me as 'high risk': they are child molesters, or those who have something to lose.'
  • 12/20/2022 7:41:38 PM

    Tears come to Boris: emotional farewell to girlfriend Lilian

    8.35 p.m.: Boris begins to cry when he reports that he is leaving his friend Lilian.

    At that time he said to her that he could understand if she looked elsewhere. 'My love, you don't have to wait for me. I don't know how long I have to go to jail,' Boris recalls the emotional conversation. And further: 'She looked at me: 'Boris, we are a team. You are my partner'.”

    While Boris is saying these sentences, his girlfriend is also sitting in the studio. Pan to Lilian, she looks visibly upset. Boris breaks off his voice, he has to pause for a moment.
  • 12/20/2022 7:36:18 PM

    How Boris prepared for jail

    8:30 p.m .: Gätjen is now talking about the “Knallhart” judge who found Becker guilty. He asks whether Becker is mad at her. Boris replies: 'No, I almost have to protect her.' The tennis star says about the time in court: 'I went to church every day to pray.'

    Boris continued to watch many films with judges to prepare for the trial.

    Gätjen says it's important to show remorse in front of the judge. 'Do you feel you received proper advice before the trial?' – Boris: 'I want to say thank you. We tried everything to save my life. Maybe I didn't really show any regrets - but I did my best. I think you're always smarter with hindsight. It could have gone better , but also much worse.' But: 'I made a lot of mistakes, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here!'
  • 12/20/2022 7:26:32 PM

    'I felt hungry for the first time in my life!'

    8:20 p.m .: Back in the studio: Boris is significantly slimmer. 'Before you were imprisoned, you looked a little unhealthier than now,' says Gätjen, when a before-and-after comparison of the tennis star is shown. The moderator wants to know if the time in prison made Boris healthier.

    'I lost a lot of weight. I felt hungry for the first time in my life. I went to bed hungry. I didn't drink alcohol. I didn't smoke. And yes, ate very little for weeks, months in a row. My health was doing the stay in prison was certainly good,' said Boris.
  • 12/20/2022 7:16:55 PM

    Boris' first TV interview begins

    8:15 p.m .: Here we go! Boris Becker's first TV interview after his stay in British prison begins. The tennis legend is now revealing her prison experiences for the first time.

    'No blah blah. Boris and I made this agreement,' says moderator Steven Gätjen right at the beginning of the sensational conversation. The 50-year-old explains in a clip how he prepared for the interview of the year and drives with you Camera crew to Huntercombe Prison Boris' girlfriend Lilian arranged it all.

  • 12/20/2022 7:07:22 PM

    Will Boris Becker visit the Berlinale in February?

    Will tennis legend Boris Becker (55) return to the red carpet for the upcoming Berlinale? Director Alex Gibney (69) will present his 'Untitled Boris Becker Documentary' at the film festival from February 16 to 26, 2023, the festival management announced on Tuesday (December 20). However, the press release did not state whether the star of the documentary was also invited to the premiere.

    Boris Becker was released from Huntercombe prison near London on December 15 after seven months in prison. Alex Gibney had accompanied him for his film to the point of conviction. It is therefore quite possible that the former athlete would like to be present at the first performance in person.
  • 12/20/2022 4:39:33 PM

    'Everything that counts!': Boris' son Elias posts an intimate picture with brother Noah

    In a few hours the time has come: Boris Becker will speak for the first time in a TV interview about his time in a British prison. Shortly before the broadcast, his youngest son Elias Becker emphasized family cohesion on Instagram. The 23-year-old posts a picture showing him with his big brother. The two boys snuggle up to each other, seem very familiar. Elias writes: 'Everything that counts!'

    In the further course of his Instagram story, a cryptic text follows: 'Sometimes you don't say anything at all, not because you have nothing to say, but because you know that what is said does not reach those affected.'
    •   Sticking together: Noah and Elias Becker Instagram Sticking together: Noah and Elias Becker Instagram
  • 12/20/2022 12:47:45 PM

    Boris Becker on time in prison: 'In prison you are a number'

    How does it feel to be in jail? Boris Becker gives an insight: 'You're nobody in prison. You're just a number. Mine was A2923EV. I wasn't called Boris. I was a number. And they don't give a fuck who you are.'
    The prison time gave him an opportunity to reflect on himself: 'I think I've rediscovered the person I used to be. I've learned a hard lesson. A very expensive one. A very painful one. But the whole thing taught me something important and good. And some things happen for a good reason.”
    He prepared himself well for the deportation - despite the early morning hours: 'I sat on the edge of my bed from six in the morning and hoped that the cell door would open. They came at half past seven, unlocked themselves and asked: Are you ready? I said, 'Let's go!' I had already packed everything.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:57:57 AM

    This is how Boris spent the first days of freedom

    He reveals in an interview with Sat.1: 'We had to be careful that I didn't go to any public places and that I held back a bit. But we came to Munich a day ago and went to the hotel. Everyone greeted me happily and we didn't play hide-and-seek any more. But it's worked out so far that no picture was taken of me!'
  • 12/20/2022 8:54:54 AM

    Where did Boris hide after his release from prison?

    He explains on Sat.1 breakfast television: 'I was with good friends in southern Germany. And I have great friends, but they don't want to be named. It's not in any newspaper either, so I was able to hide a bit there.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:44:53 AM

    That was Becker's everyday life in prison

    Steven Gätjen reports from his conversation with the tennis star: 'We know Boris Becker as someone who jets around the world, certainly staying in luxurious hotel rooms - i.e. enjoying life on the sunny side. And that's certainly different in prison - and he was in two prisons in England: once in Wandsworth Prison for four weeks and then im HMP Huntercombe Prison for the remainder of his sentence pending his release. And Wandsworth is considered one of the worst prisons in England. So a single cell the size of a suitcase - he also described that very intensively. And on the other hand, of course, the way he was treated and what that meant for him. Basically, he describes it like this: the early days were extremely intense because he didn't even know how to behave in prison. He also said there was a great fear that something could happen to him. On the one hand, of course, as someone who is known worldwide and on the other hand, as a new prisoner. And everyday life was really hard! Little going out, little free time, little fresh air, little contact with other people. He just oriented himself to other prisoners, who also took him under their wing a bit.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:36:17 AM

    Steven Gätjen talks about Becker's closest people

    Becker's eldest son Noah Becker and his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro were always at his side not only when the verdict was announced and during his imprisonment. They also traveled from London to Germany with the 55-year-old and are now also at his side.
    Steven Gätjen also got to know Becker's most important reference persons during the interview and knows: 'You have to think about what a new relationship has to endure when your partner is in prison. Boris also describes that very intensively in our conversation.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:32:30 AM

    tears on tv This is how Boris Becker looked during the interview

    Moderator Steven Gätjen conducted the interview with Boris Becker over two days and reports: 'Our conversation was open and also very emotional. He reached the limit several times that he really didn't want to continue talking or at least needed a little break because he that took everything emotionally.'

    A few days ago, a trailer was published for another documentary with Boris Becker, in which the 55-year-old red-eyed, sobbing and with tears. This should also be the case in the interview that was broadcast tonight (December 20), as Gätjen describes: 'There were situations in which he was personally very concerned. And I think he realized in a second what this detention not only for him, but above all for the people he loves and how heavy the burden was for them too.'
  • 12/20/2022 8:01:15 AM

    Boris Becker's first words

    'I'm always open. Sometimes you don't want to believe what I say... But I'm always authentic, always open and I always say what I believe, what I think and what I feel. I'm actually always like that' , said the 55-year-old when asked why he was giving a TV interview after his imprisonment.
  • 12/20/2022 7:58:29 AM

    Moderator Steven Gätjen about his meeting with Boris Becker

    'We all have a very personal and emotional bond with Boris Becker, above all through his victory at Wimbledon. I started playing tennis back then - inspired by his performance. Meeting him now, especially after his time in prison, that was exciting for me too, because over the past few decades we've learned more about him privately than about his top sporting achievements.'

    'He definitely looks different physically. He's gotten a lot slimmer. But also stronger. I was already allowed to visit him in prison - almost two weeks ago - for a first preliminary talk. And that's when I noticed that he was very seems tidy and definitely very focused and like someone who has used the time in prison to reflect on many things in his life.Maybe admitting a lot of mistakes to yourself and cleaning up a bit, looking into the future and I think so too to order life a little differently.'
  • 12/20/2022 7:50:59 AM

    Boris Becker's new look

    Boris Becker has become slimmer during his imprisonment, his hair looks darker. These are the first pictures of Boris Becker that Sat.1 is now showing when the former tennis legend arrives in their TV studio on Monday evening. At his side: his son Noah Becker and his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. The duo often visited the 55-year-old behind bars in London. And even now, in his first interview, the two are by his side.
    • 4/29/2022 8:35:36 PM

      Boris Becker: The hour when his world broke up

      At this point we say goodbye to this exciting day - good night!
    • 4/29/2022 6:29:04 PM

      The deep fall of a legend: Becker's extraordinary career in fast motion

    • 4/29/2022 6:25:00 PM

      'He could break it' - This is how celebrities, colleagues and companions of Boris Becker react to the announcement of the sentence

    • 4/29/2022 5:51:53 PM

      Here the tennis legend is brought to jail

      Boris Becker is taken straight from the court to prison in this white prison van.
    • 4/29/2022 5:08:15 PM

      Boris Becker in prison: How is his son Amadeus (12) doing with it?

      His youngest son, from Boris' marriage to Lilly Becker, spent the last evening before the verdict was announced with his father. Now dad is away for two and a half years.
    • 4/29/2022 4:49:08 PM

      Visibly shocked: Here Becker's partner Lilian and his eldest son Noah leave the court

      There was hardly any time for his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro and his eldest son Noah Becker (28) to say goodbye. An unimaginably difficult moment for the tennis legend – but also for his family, who are visibly battered when they leave the court.
    • 4/29/2022 3:46:33 PM

      Does the sports legend actually have to serve the entire prison road?

    • 4/29/2022 3:12:26 PM

      Cell only 6.5 square meters - Boris Becker's new life

    • 4/29/2022 3:04:37 PM

      Boris Becker is now being brought to THIS prison

      According to RTL information, Boris Becker will serve the first part of his sentence in Wandsworth Prison in south London. The facility is known for its particular toughness. Only men used to be imprisoned there, but today there are around 1,500 prisoners.

      A number of celebrities have been imprisoned at Wandsworth Prison. Most recently, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, writer Oscar Wilde and musician Pete Davidson, among others. Assange once revealed about the prison: 'There were crazy pedophiles there who cried out loud about their crimes all night long. You could hear their shouts all night.'

      By the way: Up until 60 years ago, executions were carried out in the dining hall of Windsworth Prison. Today we feast there - macabre...
    • 4/29/2022 2:57:42 PM

      Last air kiss, then the handcuffs clicked

      Boris Becker's friend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro whispered something to her sweetheart and threw him an air kiss before he was taken away. Then she touched his son Noah's hand before leaving the room with him. Times are particularly tough for the tennis ace's family.

      Lilian and Noah emerged from the courthouse separately and were driven away in vehicles, our clips show.
      •   Becker's friend Lilian leaves the building. Becker's friend Lilian leaves the building.
      •   Here Becker's son Noah roars away. Here Becker's son Noah roars away.
    • 4/29/2022 2:50:02 PM

      Bankruptcy for Boris Becker: His first reaction

      After the judge has ruled that he has to serve his sentence, Boris Becker ties his shoelaces. Looking very red and embarrassed in the face, he picks up his bag and, with a guard, exits the glass box he had been sitting in during the trial.
    • 4/29/2022 2:47:08 PM

      Hardest defeat of his life: Boris Becker has to go to jail

      Hard-hitting judge Deborah Taylor has ruled: Boris Becker must serve a prison sentence. The sentence is: 2 years and 6 months. With good behavior, he can serve half a suspended sentence under English law.

      The tennis star has to take his punishment directly. For him, after the veritable nail-biter, it only takes a few minutes to get to Wandsworth Prison in south London.

    • 4/29/2022 2:41:54 PM

      press conference afterwards?

      Will there be a statement after the sentencing? Not clear. Anyway, the microphones are ready...
    • 4/29/2022 2:39:31 PM

      Drunk Boris Becker fans are waiting in front of the court

    • 4/29/2022 2:31:52 PM

      The judge is here

      The judge is here, restating the four charges. Boris nods to her as she lays out the evidence against him and his bankruptcy

    • 4/29/2022 2:29:58 PM

      Judge documents are already there, judge is still missing

      The clerk has entered and placed the judge's papers and computer on the bench high above the other tables in the court.
    • 4/29/2022 2:09:28 PM

      Trembling party in the hall

      It was supposed to continue at 4 p.m., but those present and the accused Boris Becker are still waiting for judge Deborah Taylor.

      What a nail-biter... especially for the tennis legend who keeps stroking his face.

      The tension cannot be overlooked with son Noah either. He rests his head on his hand and keeps wiping the sweat from his forehead.
    • 4/29/2022 1:46:59 PM

      Boris Becker's friend smokes during the break

      Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro indulges in a relaxation cigarette during the court break. Boris Becker is not with her.
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