Brad Pitt & Emily Ratajkowski are set to meet - but NOT date


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Brad Pitt is set to meet Emily Ratajkowski.
Are Brad Pit and Emily Ratajkowski just dating, or is there more? © picture alliance

The rumor mill about Model Emily Ratajkowski (31) and actors Brad Pitt (58) seethes. That only happened in July Versace supermodel split from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, after he is said to have cheated on her. Now she should with the ' Bullet Train“-Star Pitt to have been seen. Is there more coming? Because there hasn't been an officially confirmed date yet...

The rumor mill is churning. is something going on?

The model was spotted with the actor just last week, according to social media speculation. Back in August, the women's magazine OK claimed that Brad asked Emily out and the two started dating. So far it's all just rumors with no solid evidence.

But on September 26, the US magazine 'Page Six' also announced that Brad Pitt and the 31-year-old had been seen together, an informant revealed. However, he also says that things have not been serious between the two so far: 'People have been speculating about this for a long time. Brad isn't dating anyone. But Pitt and Ratajkowski were spotted together a couple of times.” Page Six didn't reveal exactly which city the two could be spotted in. Only that Ratajkowski has been to the Versace show in New York and Italy lately, Pitt was in Paris last Sunday.

Emily Ratajkowski doesn't seem to be the only woman in Brad Pitt's life

Whether the two date remains unclear. Because Emily Ratajkowski doesn't seem to be the only one the Hollywood star is dating . However, the Page Six source revealed that Brad Pitt is not dating any particular woman. It is questionable whether Brad Pitt has the head for dating at all at the moment: he war of roses and the custody dispute of having children together with Angelina Jolie is still not over.

And until there is no official statement, the first thing to do is wait and see and speculate. Or as the magazine 'Page Six' says: 'Stay Tuned'.

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