Brad Pitt: He still raves about this sex scene in 'Dallas' today


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  From that sex scene in"Dallas" schwärmt Brad Pitt noch heute
Brad Pitt and Shalane McCall met and fell in love on the set of Dallas. Together they filmed a love scene that Brad Pitt still raves about to this day. © imago/ZUMA Wire, SpotOn

Brad Pitt (59) can look back on a large number of sex scenes in his long film career. But the Hollywood star still raves about a passionate encounter in front of the camera. Now who remembers the famous scene with ex-wife Angelina Jolie (47) from the action film 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' thinks is wrong. Another woman is responsible for Brad Pitt's hot memories. The 59-year-old filmed his favorite sex scene with Shalane McCall (50), with whom he was also dating off-camera at the time.

A couple on TV and in real life

The scene was filmed for the cult series 'Dallas'. When the actor first appeared in the series in 1987, very few viewers knew him. The stars of the TV series included Larry Hagman (1931-2012) as J.R. Ewing and Linda Gray (82) as his wife Sue Ellen. In four episodes, the Oscar winner played Randy, Charlie Wade's boyfriend, played by Shalane McCall, who was 15 at the time. Her mother was played in the series by Priscilla Presley (77). Brad Pitt still likes to think back to the love scene with the actress, because the passion between the two was not played. Shalane McCall became his girlfriend in real life, although the love didn't last long.

The sex scene took place in a barn. The couple rolled back and forth in the hay somewhat without a concept. 'I just rolled around and had a lot of fun with her,' Brad Pitt told W Magazine. The actor is attracted to this playful eroticism.

While Brad Pitt's film career went up steeply after 'Dallas', Shalane McCall pursued a different path in life, gave up acting at the end of the 80s and withdrew from the public eye.

Does Brad wear his socks during sex?

But no worry! Angelina Jolie and Brad are said to have gotten pretty hot and wild in bed too. According to a source, the actress revealed that she is said to have had the best sex with her ex. Or not? In the midst of the divorce war between the former couple, the 47-year-old suddenly backtracked and said Brad was a 'selfish, boring and uninspired lover.' Oops! And almost even worse: he is said to have left his socks on during sex in bed. Pooh! All indiscreet details can be found here again in the video:

  Brad Pitt should"langweilig & egoistisch" im Bett sein

There is no lack of sex scenes in the new film with Brad Pitt either. In ' Babylon - intoxication of ecstasy 'With Margot Robbie (32), the viewer gets to see unleashed orgies. 'There is a dizzying amount of debauchery,' explained the actress of the British 'The Sun'. On January 19, the film 'Babylon - Rush of Ecstasy' also starts in Germany.

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