Brave Queen Letizia: When visiting Berlin, she grit her teeth


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Queen Letizia of Spain smiles during her visit to Germany - despite the pain
Queen Letizia of Spain smiles during her visit to Germany - despite the pain © IMAGO/Mauersberger,

by Michael Begasse

What a glamor performance! The Spanish royal couple Philip (54) and Joy is currently visiting Germany. At the first appointment in Berlin, the 50-year-old attracted everyone's attention with her elegant look. But beaming for the cameras will certainly not have been easy for the Queen. Letizia suffers from severe pain, but no one can see it.

Queen Letizia suffers from metatarsalgia

At the reception of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Queen Letizia wore a dark blue sheath dress by 'Carolina Herrera' and matching high heels. And this despite the fact that she has a great aversion to high heels. Behind this is a long-unknown illness of the Spaniard. Only recently it became known that Letizia suffers from the so-called metatarsalgia. This chronic disease causes severe metatarsal pain, which is often caused by overload, foot malpositions or injuries. It often affects women who wear tight, high-heeled shoes.

 Queen Letizia of Spain shows blatant abs

As a full professional, she doesn't show anything

Due to these health problems, Letizia should only be out and about in flat, comfortable shoes in her free time. When it comes to public appearances, however, the Spanish queen is a full professional – and doesn't show anything. RTL Royal expert Michael Begasse experienced it too.

'During my private visit to Berlin, Queen Letizia of Spain crossed my royal path! King Felipe's wife wears a blue dress and matching heels! Wait, doesn't the 50-year-old have severe pain in her feet? She has, but when duty calls, Letizia grit her teeth. And she always gives her feet a rest during the two-day state visit to Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt am Main for the Book Fair). Just like on the flight to Berlin this morning in flat shoes and a casual, dark pants suit! Respect, Su Majestad, y bienvenidos a Alemaña.” (tma)

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