Brendan Fraser celebrates first trophy 'since fourth grade'


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 Brendan Fraser celebrates first trophy"seit der vierten Klasse"
Brendan Fraser is delighted with his Toronto Film Festival award. © getty/[EXTRACTED]: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images, SpotOn

Award for 'The Whale'

In Venice, Brendan Fraser (53) surprisingly went empty-handed for his performance in 'The Whale'. In Canada, where the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been taking place since September 8, he was luckier. On Sunday evening (September 11) he received the TIFF Tribute Award there. In a charming acceptance speech, he made it clear how special this award is for the actor.

'This is new to me,' Fraser began, according to Entertainment Weekly. 'I'm usually the guy who hands these things out. I've gotten really good at it. The trick is: left hand, hold - right hand, shake.' In fact, it is the first time in ages that he has not been recognized as part of an ensemble cast, but has received an award all to himself.

Already an Oscar favorite?

'The last time I waited for my name to be read out loud to receive an award I think I was in fourth grade - and it was in the mini bowling league. My mom said it was a The plaque said Brian Fusher, though. Well, Brian, if you're in the room, you can pick up your trophy from me after the show. This one is mine.'

'The Whale' by Darren Aronofsky (53) celebrated its world premiere in Venice and its North American premiere in Toronto. At both locations, Fraser received a standing ovation and moved audiences to tears for his performance as a depressed, severely overweight English teacher. Fraser is already considered a contender for Best Actor at the upcoming Oscars on March 12, 2023. By then, he might be proficient not only in presenting awards, but in receiving them as well.

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