Brigitte Nielsen: It's amazing how big her daughter Frida (4) is now


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Your daughter has grown quite a bit.
Brigitte Nielsen with her husband and daughter on vacation in Spain. © action press, ActionPress

Brigitte Nielsen (59) is currently on summer vacation in Spain. From there she shares many impressions with her followers on Instagram, sometimes together with daughter Frida (4). Her latest picture is amazing: you can clearly see how big her little daughter has become!

Her daughter is that big now

'What a wonderful picture. Thanks for sharing', 'So beautiful and so sweet', 'You are such a wonderful woman and mom!' It says under Brigitte Nielsen's latest Instagram post. On this one you can see her hand in hand with her daughter Frida on a street in Spain. The caption: 'Those summer city walks...' . The picture clearly shows how big Frida has become.

On June 22, 2018, Brigitte became a mother again at the age of 54. After four sons, the former 'Jungle Camp' winner was allowed to join Ehemann Mattia Dessì (43) welcome a daughter into the world. A great miracle, because the road to pregnancy was not easy , reported the Dane at the time. She tried to get pregnant for eleven years before she finally succeeded.

Criticism rained down

But even if your followers are happy to get updates about the little child prodigy Frida, it rained once powerful criticism for the 59-year-old mom . In July, Brigitte Nielsen already posted a photo with her daughter in the pool, where the little one is being picked up by her mother. However, the four-year-old does not wear bikini bottoms – and thus shows her bare bottom. So much freedom of movement was bitter for many fans. They are of the opinion: Never put photos of naked children on the Internet. After all, many criminals hang around, especially on platforms like Instagram. Read how you can protect your children here.

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