Britney Spears: Concerned fans are calling the police


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Britney Spears: Concerned fans are calling the police
Several fans are said to have called the police after Britney Spears' Instagram account went down. © 2018 DFree/, SpotOn

Instagram account disabled

After Britney Spears' (41) Instagram account was again unavailable, some fans apparently worried so much that they called the police. This is reported by the US celebrity portal 'TMZ'. Anonymous police sources are said to have stated that Spears' account has been deactivated or deleted in the past few hours. Some fans then feared that the singer was in trouble - and called the responsible sheriff's office.

Britney Spears not 'in any kind of danger'

Police officers drove to Spears' home and determined that there was no reason to fear that the 41-year-old was in danger. A police spokesman confirmed to Page Six that several such calls had been received. He also confirmed that the police do not believe that Britney Spears is 'in any kind of danger'. However, the rep did not comment on whether police officers were actually dispatched to Spears' home and whether they personally spoke to the singer.

It's not the first time the singer's account has gone down. Around December Spears temporarily disabled her account. She knew that her account had been unavailable several times, but the last two times she was responsible for it herself, the singer reported back. Spears accidentally pressed the wrong button.

The singer was under guardianship for more than 13 years until the end of 2021, after being placed under guardianship in 2008. Since then, she has caused a stir with social media posts. Spears has shown herself naked several times or held her finger in the direction of the camera when she returned to Instagram in December.

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