Britney Spears' fans are convinced: the singer is still 'locked up'


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  Is Britney Spears still locked up?
Is Britney Spears still locked up? © imago images/Runway Manhattan, O Connor via,

So much for 'Free Britney'! Despite the won guardianship case against her father believe fans of pop singer Britney Spears (40) that they still don't can live freely and independently. Worse, Britney supporters are convinced their idol is 'locked up.' More and more fans of the hitmaker are voicing their concerns about her website on social media. The 40-year-old is again sharing old dance videos on Instagram. For her fans a clear indication that something is wrong...

No control over Instagram?

Britney Spears' Instagram followers are convinced she's 'locked up' and has no control over her social media account after she shared another dance video on Instagram. The 'Gimme More' hitmaker has recently posted many videos of herself dancing and her fans dancing with theirs raunchy performances kept them amused.

'These are all old recordings'

But not everyone trusts the appearance of a supposedly happy and exuberant Britney. Many feel that something more sinister might be at play, as expressed in the comments. 'Who else thinks Britney is locked up and posting old content?' asks a skeptical user. Another follower noted, 'I've seen her do the same dance to different songs over and over again. That's not her. These are all old recordings.' A third asked, 'Why are you dancing in circles in this room when you're on Maui? Dress up, go out, enjoy the town, the beach, the restaurants, the clubs, etc.'

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In the video: Britney Spears starts crying while dancing

  Britney Spears starts crying while dancing

Is Britney living in the past?

What Britney says about the considerations – unclear. She only allows a glimpse into her inner being in the photo and video captions of her posts. 'Once at school, my art teacher thought I was dyslexic! I read things backwards!! Maybe that's why I want to think back and go backwards,' she wrote, along with a dance video. Pretty ambiguous if you take the concerns of the fans seriously. (lkr)

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