Britney Spears freaks out in the restaurant: Now she provides the bizarre explanation


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Now Britney Spears is speaking out about hers"Meltdown"

Britney Spears (41) completely off track in a restaurant in Los Angeles - that's what happened last Friday (January 13). A visibly deranged Spears is said to have even driven her husband Sam Asghari (28) out of the restaurant , as reported by eyewitnesses. Now the singer herself gives an explanation of the bizarre scene on Instagram – and it doesn't really come out any clearer.

Britney Spears pursued by the press?

The feature film 'Natural Born Killers' (1994) has now brought Britney 'enlightenment', she writes on Instagram for a painted picture that shows a richly set breakfast table with pancakes, croissants and fruit salad. The film is about a couple played by Woody Harrelson (61) and Juliette Lewis (49), who became America's most notorious killer couple. To what extent Britney was 'enlightened' by this is unclear. She says we are all 'born killers'.

What becomes clearer in the post is the reason for her behavior, with which she attracted a lot of media attention: 'I know that the news is really excited because I was a little drunk in the restaurant,' she explains of her visit to the restaurant Weekend. Did she just look a little too deep into the glass? 'It's like they're following my every move!'

Britney Spears: 'I know nobody cares what I do!'

Watched her every move? A good 15 years ago, that's exactly what brought Britney to the brink of a nervous breakdown. For 13 years she lived under the guardianship of her father Jamie Spears (70). At the end of 2021 she was free again – since then the singer has been involved bizarre actions on the net . Fans always smell a conspiracy .

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Britney is one of the most famous pop stars of this time. The media attention also goes hand in hand with it, and it means that such moments attract attention in public – and are captured with cell phone cameras. 'I'm so flattered that you're talking about me like a maniac and then have the balls to address all the negative things that have happened in my past,' the 41-year-old fumed in her post.

your way of dealing with it? Ridicule the situation with (feigned?) indifference. So also in her Instagram post: 'Be sure to check out the shocking pictures where I look like Shrek! By the way, there were also pictures where I looked normal!' However, you are not really smarter after your post. (vne)

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