Britney Spears is going crazy in the restaurant - even her husband is running away


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Was that the reason for Britney Spears' Restaurant-Ausraster?

On Friday (January 13) Pop Princess Britney Spears (41) caused a real scene in a Los Angeles restaurant, according to gossip site TMZ. Her bizarre outburst even had eyewitnesses Husband Sam Asghari (28) made to run away. But what about their behavior? Society expert Rob Shuter has the answer in the video!

Britney Spears freaks out in the restaurant: This dinner date apparently went terribly wrong

Actually, singer Britney Spears and her lover Sam Asghari just wanted to spend a cozy evening at JOEY Restaurant in Woodland Hills. Apparently, the numerous other guests thwarted the celebrity couple. As 'TMZ' reports on appeal from eyewitnesses, they pulled out their smartphones and filmed the couple.

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Britney then became 'manic' and uttered confused words. A clip shows how the singer tries to protect herself from the prying eyes and cell phone cameras of the restaurant guests with a menu – in vain.

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Britney's husband Sam is said to have stormed out of the restaurant

It also says that Sam was visibly upset and abruptly left the dining table. After Britney initially stayed alone in the restaurant, she is said to have followed her husband and bodyguard out the door two minutes later. Her companion is said to have reappeared to pay the bill. More background to the restaurant freak are not yet known. In the meantime, however, Britney Spears has also commented on her escalation in the restaurant. (ean)

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