'Bye, bye, Uncle Jürgen': Fans are very sad about Jürgen Drews' farewell


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  At 'The Great Schlager Farewell' to Jürgen Drews' Seite: Ehefrau Ramona und Tochter Joelina.
On 'The Great Schlager Farewell' by Jürgen Drews' side: wife Ramona and daughter Joelina. © dpa, Hendrik Schmidt, hsc

It was an evening of great emotions. After six decades on stage, Schlager icon Jürgen Drews (77) says goodbye to his well-deserved retirement on the TV show “Der Große Schlagerabschied”. His fans let Twitter run hot during the broadcast and shared emotional memories of their 'Uncle Jürgen'.

'The show brought up a lot of memories from my life'

One or the other tear was shed not only on stage on Saturday evening, but also at home on the couch the feelings of the spectators boiled up. Many fans of Jurgen Drews bid farewell to their favorite star via Twitter.

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'He has always accompanied me since I was young'

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'King of Mallorca' abdicated with a big TV show

In July 2021, Jürgen Drews announced in an interview with the 'Bild' newspaper that he was under a so-called peripheral polyneuropathy suffers: 'The nerves no longer do what they should.' Drews announced the end of his career.

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But a quiet farewell to the stage was out of the question for the 77-year-old. The 'King of Mallorca' abdicated with a big TV show, which was attended by everyone who was of any standing in the German music scene. Florian Silbereisen led through 'The Great Schlager Farewell', which was broadcast on ARD on January 14th.

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A special highlight came at the very end: In his final appearance, Jürgen Drews sang in a duet with his daughter Joelina (27). . There wasn't a dry eye. Neither in the hall nor at home on the sofa, as the Twitter reactions show the day after. (csp)

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