Can Jasmin Tawil's father Michael bring his grandson Ocean (3) to him?


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 Can Michael Weber bring his grandson to him?

'I can't get out of here, I'm locked in,' complains Jasmin Tawil (40) in dismay when RTL meets her in Costa Rica. The former GZSZ actress is currently in a psychiatric ward there after being searched by the police and arrested. RTL spoke to Michael Weber, Jasmin's father – who is also the greatest hope for Jasmin's son Ocean (3).

Jasmin Tawil's father Michael knows: Ocean (3) is fine

RTL reporter Lukas Wolf visited Jasmin Tawil in a psychiatric hospital in Costa Rica, where the actress is currently. She seems emaciated, is always close to tears and seems devastated. In addition to the circumstances under which she has to live there, one thing above all worries her: the well-being of her son Ocean. After Jasmin was arrested, he is said to have been taken to a home in Costa Rica. The 40-year-old has a chance to get him back from there 'if someone comes from Germany with a power of attorney.'

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That someone could be her father, Michael Weber. RTL met him in Germany on March 17 for an interview. He was in contact with the responsible officials, he explains. And can give the all-clear for the time being: his three-year-old grandson is doing well, according to Weber. In complete contrast to his mother – and Michael himself. As he reveals to us: “I can only say what it looks like inside me tonight. I don't know how many times I woke up.'

 Jasmin Tawil's father takes care of the situation

How did it come to this for Jasmin Tawil?

According to her father, Jasmin Tawil is said to have been wanted and arrested for several offenses in Costa Rica, where she has lived with Ocean for the past few years. 'Among other things, she is said to have attacked her boyfriend's family and service staff in a hotel. She went to Costa Rica with 400,000 euros, which she also got through TV deals. The money is now completely gone,” explains Michael Weber. (cre)

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