Cancer Fear! Hardy Krüger's wife Alice had both breasts amputated


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Hardy Kruger Jr. and his wife Alice
The actor Hardy Krüger Jr., and his wife Alice at an event. © german press agency

actor Hardy Kruger Jr. (54) had to overcome many crises in his life. Since 2018 he can always rely on his third wife Alice. But he also stood by her in dark times, as Alice now reveals. Because the 45-year-old has now had her breasts removed.

Alice Krüger: 'The fear of cancer was there'

In 2018, Alice Krüger discovered lumps in her breast implants. The doctors had expressed the suspicion that it could be cancer. She then had both breasts amputated, as reported by 'Bild'.

'Luckily it wasn't. But the fear of cancer was there,' Alice tells the newspaper. And further: “Both of my grandpas had colon cancer, my mother and grandma had cervical cancer. I wanted to be on the safe side, so I decided to take this step.”

Since then, Alice has had four breast surgeries because, according to 'Bild', she has her breasts rebuilt with her own body fat. The last operation is said to have taken place just a few weeks ago.

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 Hardy Kruger Jr. and his wife mirrored their phones

Hardy Kruger Jr. had to cope with some strokes of fate in his life. In 2011, his son Paul-Luca died of sudden infant death when he was just eight months old. The actor drowned his sorrow in alcohol , had to one day be resuscitated itself . But he fought his way back to life and found a new love in his wife Alice.

The two married in 2018 and have been leading a successful patchwork family ever since. The 52-year-old was previously married twice, his current wife four times. Hardy has four children from his previous relationships, Alice Krüger brought three children into the marriage. In 2021, the two said yes again. (jve)

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