Cancer patient Tim Lobinger reports with an update after weeks of radio silence


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  Tim Lobinger is fighting cancer again
Tim Lobinger is fighting cancer again © Instagram

Tim Lobinger's (50) cancer isn't just back – he is so aggressive now, that there is probably no hope of recovery for the former pole vaulter. After he spoke publicly about his illness and his chances of recovery in the fall, it suddenly became quiet around him. Now, after many weeks of radio silence, the ex-professional athlete is back with an update.

Tim Lobinger looks back on 'bumpy' months

Tim Lobinger's last post is two and a half months old – after that it suddenly became quieter and quieter on his Instagram profile. On Saturday (January 7th), the 50-year-old will report back in his story and explain to his community how he has been doing lately. “The last few weeks and months have been bumpy and challenging. An obstacle course of work and treatments that left me breathless,' he captioned a photo that shows a cloudy sky. He also states: “In my life there has always been a greater spirit of optimism. Retrospectives have to fit and shouldn’t cost any strength.”

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  Tim Lobinger reports to his fans with an update.
Tim Lobinger reports to his fans with an update. © Instagram/ timlobingerofficial

Giving up is out of the question

Tim Lobinger's fighting spirit is impressive – and so he concentrates primarily on the positive. “But such beautiful things have happened that have given me a lot of strength again. My KRAFTWERK is filled with gratitude,” the father clarifies. He also shares a picture of a raclette evening that may have been created on New Year's Eve. Because in the end it says: 'Let's go in 2023.'

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Tim Lobinger: 'There will be no more healing for me'

'There will be no more healing for me. My cancer is too aggressive,” explained Tim Lobinger, who was diagnosed with a severe form of for the first time in 2017 leukemia was diagnosed in the 'Bild' interview. He had to spend 150 days in the hospital in 2022 - no wonder he didn't do a social media annual review: 'It's not real life. Life worth living takes place outside.”

Nevertheless, he doesn't even think about giving up: 'It's worth fighting for every day that I can live and spend with my family.' And his fighting spirit paid off. Because he was still able to lead his daughter Fee to the altar in the summer of 2022. (dga)

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