Candidacy 2024: dispute between Kanye West and Trump escalates


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 Candidacy 2024: dispute between Kanye West and Trump escalates
Donald Trump and Kanye West performing together. © imago/UPI Photo, SpotOn

Essen in Mar-a-Lago

Rapper Kanye West (45), who now calls himself Ye, was allegedly 'yelled at' by ex-President Donald Trump (76). The two met for dinner in Mar-a-Lago earlier in the week. According to West, it was about the candidacy in the next presidential elections. Both Kanye West and Trump want to compete.

Trump allegedly loudly told the musician at the meal that he would lose if he ran for office in 2024. 'When Trump started yelling at me at the table and telling me I was losing, I mean has that ever worked for anyone in history?' the rapper said in a video he posted to Twitter. 'I said, 'Whoa, wait, wait, wait. You're talking to Ye,'' he claims in the video. The clip was one of several posts the rapper posted with the tagline 'YE24.'

Ye wants to make Trump Vice President

Ye called the video a 'mar-a-lago debriefing' in which he shared his side of the story about what is said to have happened during a visit to Trump's Florida residence on Tuesday. The rapper said Trump was 'troubled' when he asked the former president to be his running mate in 2024.

According to US media reports, Ye has not yet submitted the necessary documents for a candidacy - in contrast to Trump, who announced his candidacy for 2024 on November 15.

West is said to have been seen in Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday with far-right live streamer Nick Fuentes (24), as reported by 'Politico' and 'The Daily Beast'. According to US media, Trump himself explained in a post on his network Truth Social: “Last week Kanye West called me about having dinner in Mar-a-Lago knew nothing. We had dinner on the back patio Tuesday night with many members present. The dinner was quick and uneventful. Then they drove to the airport.'

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