Candidate in reality format? Serkan Yavuz announces Instagram break


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Samira Klampfl und Serkan Yavuz im VIPstagram-Talk.
Samira Klampfl and Serkan Yavuz © RTL

Usually the fans and followers of Samira Klampfl and Serkan Yavuz spoiled with insights into their private life, but they have to get used to it for the time being. Die „Bachelor in Paradise“-Stars take a temporary Instagram break. The new dad 'is out first'. And Samira also apologizes for her absence. What just happened?

Bad start in 2023?

  Serkan and Samira unsubscribe from their Instagram followers
Serkan and Samira unsubscribe from their Instagram followers © Instagram

'Sorry guys, I'm out of here first,' Serkan let his Instagram followers know. Apparently, there was an unpleasant event at the start of the year. 'The year is off to a great start. And with that, ciao!' Said the 29-year-old. He also asks his fans for understanding and forbearance and reminds them that they shouldn't 'bombard' Samira with messages either Neu-Mama had to withdraw from the public for a short time and announces that she still needs 'two to three days' until she wants to return to her profile.

Samira & Serkan in the video: 'Knick-Knack is no longer the same'

  Samira & Serkan:

Is Serkan in 'Battle of the Reality Stars' or with Samira in 'Summer House'?

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' dream couple left open the reason for the absence of Serkan and Samira. And so there is speculation about participation in a new 'Battle of the Reality Stars' season or will Serkan and Samira even move to the summer house in 2023?

Serkan's manager: 'The couple does not want to comment on the subject yet'

For the time being, Serkan's manager won't shed any light on the matter. In response to an RTL request, she states that the couple does not yet want to comment on the subject. No wonder there is already wild speculation. But that's exactly what Samira actually wants to avoid: 'The rumor mill is bubbling away and I know that we humans love to speculate. But you should know this much: it all remains speculation. We are curious when the reality TV dream couple will report back with plain text. (lkr)

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