Career, children and love: Do you remember Kristina from 'Nu Pagadi'?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Kristina Dorf with husband Joscha Kiefer at the VIP premiere of Showtime in Schuhbeck's Teatro in the Spiegelzelt. Munich, October 25th, 2018 *** Kristina Dorfer with husband Joscha Kiefer at the VIP Premiere Showtime in Schuhbecks Teatro in the Spiegelzelt Munich
Kristina Dorf with her husband Joscha Kiefer, 2018 © imago/Future Image, Petra Schönberger, imago stock&people

by Denise Gazweiler

In 2004, Kristina Dorfer's life changed abruptly: she sat down together with Patrick Boinet, Markus Grimm and Doreen Steinert in the grand finale of 'Popstars' against the competition and founded the band 'Nu Pagadi' with the other three winners. They stood together on stage for about a year until they finally parted ways. We now spoke to Kristina, who reveals what happened to her after the band split up...

Kristina Dorf started out as an actress

While Kristina was initially on the road as a solo artist as 'KR!S', a completely different door suddenly opened for the musician. “I got into acting quite unexpectedly. I had just finished my promotional tour through two or three countries for my single 'Room for More' when I got a call from the casting office for the series 'Verbotene Liebe',' she recalls in the RTL interview: ' At first I couldn't imagine working as an actress, especially since I didn't have any acting training either ARD series in the role of Olivia Schneider.

This was followed by engagements in 'Auf Herz und kidneys' and 'Sturm der Liebe'. In 2021 she was also seen in the RTL pre-evening series 'Unter Uns'. You can see what role she played in the video!

  'Popstars' star guest on 'Unter Uns'

Music still plays a big role in her life

Although Kristina Dorf is a successful actress, she still makes music. 'From a professional point of view, of course, it has become less, but music is still an important part of my life,' she explains. That's why she can't really say what her heart beats more for: 'I love both. I always notice that, especially when I can't have one or the other. For example, if I'm shooting for a film or a series somewhere in which I have a lot to do, there is often not much time for music because you concentrate fully on your role.' Above all, playing the piano every day would be difficult for her productions are absent.

“On the other hand, I usually miss shooting days after the last day of shooting. Crazy – but maybe someday there will be a shoot where I can have both,” the 38-year-old continues. And who knows, maybe your dream of combining both passions will soon come true!

Mini-Reunion of “Nu Pagagdi”

"Nu Pagadi" im März 2005.
'Nu Pagadi' in March 2005. © 2005 Getty Images, Andreas Rentz

In fact, there was a small “Nu Pagadi” reunion in the summer of 2021 – because Kristina recorded the song “Stille” he wrote with her former band colleague Markus Grimm. 'Markus and I hadn't seen or spoken to each other for almost eleven years. It was more of a coincidence that we got in touch again. I visited him at home and it was like yesterday that we went our separate ways,' she reveals.

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This is how Kristina Villages balances family and career

But Kristina is not only doing well professionally - she has also found happiness in her private life. She has been with the German actor Joscha Kiefer since 2008, to whom she is now married. The couple have two daughters. Balancing kids and career at the same time was a bit of a challenge at first. “Honestly, getting it together wasn't easy at first. Since my husband is also an actor and was traveling a lot, especially in the girls' first years, I often didn't have the opportunity to do my job 100 percent,' admits the mother of two, who also spends time at home with her daughters enjoyed to the fullest.

“I remember a shoot where I had to work abroad. Driving home after work was impossible. Our children were so small back then that it was incredibly difficult for me not to be able to be with them,” Kristina Dorfer recalls: “They are now so big (9 and 12) that they understand what mum and dad do professionally do. And after we moved to Freiburg, we even have family nearby who have our backs.' Who knows, maybe one day the girls will follow in their parents' famous footsteps...

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