Caro Robens has an XXL tattoo all over the back of her hand Top or flop?


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 Caro Robens loves the extreme
Caro Robens loves the extreme © VOX

Big muscles, numerous tattoos, funky hairstyles: caro robens (44) is known for her extraordinary look. She has now optimized it again – with a fairly large and fairly conspicuous tattoo all over the back of her hand.

Caro Robens: 'It was love at first sight'

'Well, now my hand is due. I'm super excited about the result,' writes Caro Robens on her visit to a tattoo artist in Palma, Mallorca. For the perfect motif, she did a survey on Instagram – but decided again at short notice. 'None of the suggestions from the survey came out,' she told the Mallorca Zeitung (MZ). But: 'A follower suggested the motif to me, and it was love at first sight.'

The motif: a Medusa, i.e. a woman with snakes for hair. Why? 'I just think medusas are great and beautiful to look at,' explains Caro. Makes sense then!

 Caro Robens' new back hand tattoo
Caro Robens' new back hand tattoo © Instagram

reading tip : Caro and Andreas Robens looked so different 10 years ago

For the 'Goodbye Germany' emigrant it is now the... how many tattoos actually? Doesn't she know! 'Buttocks, calves, torso, legs - I don't even know where to start,' she says. One body adornment is a very special one though: the wedding tattoo , which they even got pierced with the same needle. What is behind it, they reveal in the video:

 Caro and Andreas share the same tattoo needle

Her passion for tattoos Caro explains to the Mallorca Zeitung as follows: 'I've always liked tattoos, too. Once you have one, you will soon have several tattoos. And tastes change. What I liked 20 years ago I didn't like 10 years ago. What I liked 10 years ago, I just don't like anymore.'

Let's hope she likes the Medusa on the back of her hand a little longer. (rsc)

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