Cathy Hummels celebrates Ludwig's 5th birthday with an emotional declaration of love


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Cathy Hummels beams while Ludwig enjoys his birthday cake.
Cathy Hummels beams while Ludwig enjoys his birthday cake. © Instagram/cathyhummels

These words come straight from the heart! Cathy Hummels (34) has something to celebrate: son Ludwig turned five years old! For this special day, the full-blooded mum surprised her little one (not so much anymore) with a birthday cake and a Spider-Man party, which she proudly shares on Instagram. But what catches the eye even more is the declaration of love that the Battle of the Reality Stars host dedicated to her now 5-year-old son.

Far away from home

'You're turning 5 today! There is nothing better for me than seeing your smile and having you with me. Let's explore the world together,' she writes Ex-wife of Mats Hummels (34) visibly touched. This year she is celebrating her son's birthday in a different country. The small family travels a lot, already on the holidays got in touch Cathy and Ludwig with unusual Christmas greetings from Dubai . Even if the sworn mother-son duo isn't celebrating in Munich at home - as long as the two are together and even Ludwig's favorite heroes 'Spider Man' and 'Crabby' join them, it can only be a nice day.

In the video: Cathy Hummels blurts out: Ludwig understands her job!

 Cathy Hummels blurts out: Ludwig understands her job!

'I think you've been blossoming lately'

Cathy's fans and followers, including Boris Beckers, are also happy about the private insight Ex-Frau Lilly who wishes the 'beautiful little man' all the best. Many users agree with the congratulations, one of them also notices a change in Cathy: 'I think you've been really blossoming lately. You're glowing so much and I really hope you're doing as well as you seem right now.'

In fact, Cathy already seemed visibly detached in her last posts: Whether at sexy nude posing or one exuberant pole dance – the 34-year-old seems to be doing well. And a happy mum should also be the best present for the birthday child Ludwig. (lkr)

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