Cathy Hummels has to be taken to the ER by ambulance for a kale chip


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Hummel's stays's im Hals stecken

Cathy Hummels (34) in the emergency room! The reports on Instagram Still wife of footballer Mats Hummels (33) from her nightmare experience. While joking around with her son, a kale chip suddenly gets stuck in her windpipe. And it wedges itself so badly that she can no longer breathe easily. So bad that an ambulance had to come. Cathy tells the story personally in our video above.

Ambulance had to come

'What happened to me yesterday?' Cathy Hummels asks her fans on Instagram. There are two answers moderator to choose from: 'The piece of chips is stuck in the trachea' and 'The emergency doctor was there'. The frightening answer: In fact, both happened to the 34-year-old! How did it happen?

'I choked yesterday. A kale chip slipped down my windpipe because I... laughed so much with the boys and then it didn't come out anymore,' she describes the accident. Medical help was needed. 'Then I had to go to the emergency doctor or the ambulance came because I couldn't breathe well anymore. The kale chip was then sucked out of me in the emergency room.”

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 The presenter still has pain when speaking.
The presenter still has pain when speaking. © Instagram/cathyhummels

Cathy Hummels' wound is 'very deep and nasty'

'I hope I can speak tomorrow without pain,' complains Cathy to her community. She's doing a little better thanks to painkillers, but she's still in 'tremendous pain.' The kale chip has been removed, but the wound is still 'very deep and nasty,' she also reports.

Until this shock has been digested and the tube has healed, no chip will probably end up near it anymore... (rla)

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