Cathy Hummels: new hair color! Type change after love-off with Mats


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Cathy Hummels with a new hairstyle

Only recently has Cathy Hummels (3. 4) separated from their extensions after years . Now she dares to take another step in terms of makeover. In any case, her followers are enthusiastic about her new mane. In the video you can see which hair color the presenter chose during her current visit to the hairdresser.

Another makeover after breaking up with Mats Hummels

After months of speculation, Cathy Hummels has finally confirmed that she and Mats Hummels (33) are no longer a couple. A real liberation, as she revealed in an interview with '': 'I feel very good. I'm a new woman and I'm just starting my life over again!” And for many women, such a new start also includes a makeover. This also seems to be in the spirit of Cathy Hummels and so the 34-year-old quickly let her trusted hairdresser do her hair again.

And the result is really good. 'I got even blonder … and I'm just happy,' Cathy writes about her video on Instagram. And you can see that Mats Hummels' ex feels really comfortable in her own skin. Happy and exuberant, she dances in the hair salon after her makeover and lets her lightened hair twirl through the air.

Fans are loving Cathy Hummels' new look

Even if Cathy's fans found her magical with darker hair, there is also a lot of positive feedback for her new look. 'Always liked your natural hair color too, but that also just looks great!' Is one of the comments. 'Looks great on you. Cathy, you are beautiful,” writes another user. So the makeover was a complete success.

In the video: Cathy Hummels talks about her new reveal documentary

 Liberation for Cathy Hummels!

Cathy Hummels: Love off after 15 years of relationship

Cathy and Mats Hummels met and fell in love in 2007. The couple finally tied the knot in June 2015. Three years later their love was crowned by the birth of their son Ludwig. In 2022 the sad love off followed. For months, the two were silent, and there were always rumors about Mats Hummels' new relationships , but the two have not confirmed their marriage for a long time. It was not until the end of October that the 34-year-old made the separation from the football professional official. ( um )

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