Cathy Hummels puts an end to the vegan diet! Why she eats meat & fish again


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Cathy Hummels no longer eats vegan!

Cathy Hummels pressed the reset button. After Divorce from ex-husband Mats Hummels she feels liberated: 'I'm a new woman and I'm just starting my life over.' And in many ways! A big change for the 34-year-old: she no longer eats vegan , as she did in an interview with us in Thailand Battle of the Reality Stars filming explained. Meat and fish are back on their menu. What she pays close attention to, she explains in the video above.

'Not healthy in the long run'

On her Instagram profile, Cathy Hummels repeatedly made her healthy – and vegan – diet an issue. The 34-year-old even brought out a sugar-free children's cookbook and indulged only rarely exceptions. Why the sudden change of heart?

For Cathy, one thing is certain: stay healthy – after all, she lives and loves this lifestyle. But the vegan diet has not been good for her lately, as she explains in the interview: 'Looking back, it wasn't healthy for me in the long run.' What is important to the 34-year-old: She doesn't want to label veganism as unhealthy, but only reports on her very personal situation. Then: 'I'm also someone who is a bit more complicated when it comes to food and I don't like a lot of things and I really missed a lot.'

New body image through diet change?

Only recently did Cathy Hummels speak openly about her body, for which she has often been attacked in the past. 'My weight kept going down and I had panic attacks at times because I was at a loss. But nothing stuck anymore [...] Do you really think I didn't see that I didn't look healthy anymore?' , she reveals in an Instagram post.

For Cathy, the new beginning also means that she wants to do her body good, as she explains in an interview in Thailand. And so far she is totally happy with her decision to stop eating exclusively vegan: 'Since I've been eating fish and meat again, I've felt a lot better and I feel a lot fitter and I feel a lot more agile.'

'Battle of the Reality Stars' has started filming

The new year starts for Cathy with the shooting of 'Battle of the Reality Stars'. The production of the fourth season is already underway - and Ludwig is also there this time.

By the way, past episodes of the RTLZWEI reality show are always available on RTL+. (for)

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