Cathy Hummels: She has a 'new man' in her life


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  Cathy Hummels is now doing a podcast with Matze Knop.
Cathy Hummels is now doing a podcast with Matze Knop. © RTL

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  • Cathy Hummels has a new Matz(e) at her side
  • Fynn Kliemann reappeared after the mask gate

December 23: Cathy Hummels has a new Matz(e)

'Schwupps-di-wupps I have a new Matz(e) in my life.' With this amazing message, Cathy Hummels (34) reports to her Instagram followers just a few days after the divorce from husband Mats Hummels. But no, Cathy didn't comfort herself over Mats at the speed of light. She has a new one purely professionally. In fact Matze Knop , with which Cathy is now doing a podcast.

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In an exclusive statement for RTL, Cathy explains: “Apart from Ludwig, I currently have no man in my life who listens to me. And then the new 'Mats' came around the corner. the matz. Matze Knop. That's why I'm happy that I have a man in my life again who listens to me. And to which I also listen. Because I tell you, he doesn't talk a little.'

Addressing the real Mats, Cathy writes on Instagram: 'Don't worry. You remain my first and only true Mats.” Then everyone is reassured.

December 23: Fynn Kliemann reports back after the mask scandal

It's just his voice, but fans of YouTuber and influencer Fynn Kliemann will have been happy about this Christmas surprise: For his friend Olli Schulz (49), Fynn emerged from oblivion and read a Christmas story on Spotify for Olli's advent calendar. “He's a musician, an inventor and a jack of all trades. And a friend. His name is Fynn Kliemann,” announced Olli Fynn.

The 34-year-old had withdrawn from the public since the summer, after Jan Böhmermann's 'ZDF Magazin Royale' revealed in June that Fynn had lied when his company sold corona protective masks that were allegedly produced fairly . The public prosecutor's office was investigating at the time. Fynn himself had admitted mistakes, but dismissed the allegation of fraud: 'I'm a shit entrepreneur, but not a scammer!'

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December 22, 2022: Family outing at the Klum-Kaulitz home

Just before Christmas Eve has Heidi Klum (49) and her three kids Henry (17), Johan (16) and Lou (13) treated themselves to a short break from the Christmas stress at Disneyland. Together with husband Tom (33) and his twin brother Bill (33), the family seems to have had a lot of fun in the amusement park.

'The happiest place in the world,' writes the model mom to the photo series on Instagram, which shows the patchwork family laughing at various attractions. And Heidi also shares a photo showing her three kids from behind with her loyal fans. The top model would only have been happier if her eldest daughter was too Leni Klum (18) could have been on the family trip.

December 21st: New mom Lena Gercke shows herself without make-up and motivated

  Lena Gercke started pelvic floor training shortly after the birth of her second daughter.
Lena Gercke started pelvic floor training shortly after the birth of her second daughter. © lenagercke / Instagram

Her second daughter was born just a few days ago , but Lena Gercke (34) apparently feels fit enough again to deal with what is so important for new mothers pelvic floor training to get started

Before her first sports unit after giving birth, Lena quickly takes a selfie for her Instagram story – and inspires her followers with her unvarnished Mama Glow.

December 19, 2022: Carolina Peukmann suffered two miscarriages this year

'You have noticed in the last few months that I often did not feel well...', writes Carolina Peukmann (31) on Instagram for a black and white photo that actually shows her in a moment of great joy. With her husband Daniel (36), the 'Cologne 50667' actress was happy about her pregnancy at the time and held the positive test in the camera. But now, months later, 'Miss Germany' from 2013 chose this photo to tell her fans that she lost her baby. It is the second tragic loss this year.

'I didn't say anything because I figured I wouldn't have the courage to talk about miscarriage until I was pregnant again,' Carolina continued. But when she actually becomes pregnant again, she loses her baby again. It was only through the severe blows of fate that she and her husband realized how often couples feel the same way as they do To share grief and allow their grief,” explains the 31-year-old. And that's exactly why she's making her fate public, to break this taboo. 'If you break an arm, it's logical that you get sick leave. But if you lose a baby, you should be able to function again the next day and it's best not to talk about it,' Carolina explained in an interview with 'Bild'.

'Now let's pick up our new family member,' the actress, who also performs as a singer on Ballermann, ends her moving post. Daniel and Carolina get a dog. It's not a replacement, as she notes - in fact, this thought matured during her pregnancy. 'We wanted a dog that would grow up and play with our baby.'

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