'Celebrity Darts World Cup 2023': Ouch! Oliver Pocher nasty booed on live TV


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Oliver Pocher with Irokse at the Celebrity Darts World Cup 2023
Even before his first match, Oliver Pocher (with a mohawk in the German colors) was punished by the audience with loud boos. © action press

That has Oliver Pocher (44) probably didn't see it coming either. On Saturday evening he appeared on live television for the 'Celebrity Darts World Cup 2023'. But before he could even prove his skills, he was punished with nasty boos from the studio audience.

This is how the World Cup went for Oliver Pocher

  Dart professional Peter Wright / Snakebite and moderator Oliver Pocher / Tiny Bull at the Celebrity Darts World Cup 2023 in the Maritim Hotel. Düsseldorf, 07.01.2023 NRW Germany *** Darts professional Peter Wright Snakebite and presenter Oliver Pocher Tiny Bull at t
Pocher copies the shrill look of cult darter Peter Wright. © IMAGO/Panama Pictures, IMAGO/Christoph Hardt, www.imago-images.de

'Where is my husband? My rival today. Are you ready?” demanded Amira Pocher (30) smugly presented her husband Oli to the competition shortly before the live broadcast in her Insta story. A little later she would jump to the 44-year-old's side. It was 'uncool' what happened to him.

First of all, the comedian was confident of victory in the group photo. With an Iroquois hairstyle in black, red and gold, he entered the studio set up in Düsseldorf's Maritim Hotel. With his curious look, Pocher obviously copied star darter Peter Wright, who is famous for his shrill appearance. 1500 spectators were there and celebrated exuberantly. But before Oliver could throw the first dart, he was booed. The moderator of the evening, Christian Dürer (32), prepared Oli for a tough evening: 'It won't be easy for you.' He took the loud boos lightly, at least to the outside, smiled at them and gave himself up self-confident: 'I will convince with my performance, I have no problem with that.' After just one lap, however, Pocher was already out.

In the video: Oliver Pocher commented on the slap attack

This is how the Pochers deal with the boos

  Presenter Amira Pocher
Amira Pocher was anything but 'amused' by the boos. © IMAGO/Panama Pictures, IMAGO/Christoph Hardt, www.imago-images.de

'That's it with the 'Darts World Cup' for me. But Amira... a pocher has to win the pot! Amira takes it home,' said the 44-year-old in his Insta story after his World Cup. He does not go into detail about the boos, which can still easily be heard there. Unlike Amira, who sat at the commentator's side as her husband was booed and totally pissed about it. 'Now stop booing, really! She condemned the audience. 'What's that about? I don't get it, he doesn't do anything. It's terrible!'

Oliver Pocher just offends – it was always like that. He is known for his sharp tongue. He mercilessly teases celebrity colleagues and influencers. Sometimes so much that he ends up in court . Almost a year ago, the comedian became a spectator at a boxing match humiliated by rapper 'Fat Comedy' with a resounding slap in the face .

He's been able to take a lot. In his Insta story, however, he protested after his exit and the nasty boos: 'Well, it was funny, very nice.' Incidentally, Amira made it to the semifinals. (vne)

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