Celebrity Riddle: Can You Recognize The Superstar Kids Walking The Runway?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Iris Law and Lennon Gallagher at London Fashion Week.
Iris Law and Lennon Gallagher present creations from the Burberry Autumn/Winter collection as part of London Fashion Week 2023. © ActionPress/dpa

For a long time now, not only experienced models have been seen strolling down the catwalk at the fashion shows of the renowned luxury brands. More and more celebrity children have been getting hold of the coveted jobs in New York, London or Paris in recent years. The modeling lucky ones include the two celebrity offspring Iris Law (22) and Lennon Gallagher (23). Iris is the daughter of Hollywood star Jude Law (50) and actress Sadie Frost (57) and Lennon is the son of 'Oasis' frontman Liam Gallagher (50).

Iris Law and Lennon Gallagher land mega jobs at Fashion Week

Iris Law and Lennon Gallagher are no longer just 'the celebrity kids of...'. They took their first steps in the fashion business years ago and have been regularly booked for various fashion brands worldwide ever since. Most recently, the two young stars demonstrated their skills at London Fashion Week for “Burberry”.

The two had the honor of walking for British cult brand Burberry at London Fashion Week in Kennington Park this year. Both Lennon and Iris looked very confident and professional in their performance. The latter took her first steps in the industry at the tender age of 15 for British label Illustrated People. Since then she has been regularly booked not only for the runway, but also for various covers of famous magazines. Lennon also made his modeling debut for fashion chain Topman at London Men's Fashion Week at the age of 17.

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  These stars have followed in their parents' footsteps

Do Iris Law and Lennon Gallagher only have their jobs because of their famous parents?

Iris and Lennon have their jobs amidst the big ones Nepo Baby Discussion got hold of There has been growing criticism in recent months that children of famous parents land jobs solely on the basis of their last name or the right connections, and not because of their talent. Since then, an increasing number of 'affected' celebrity children have spoken out about the allegations. Kaia Gerber (21) told, among other things, in the February issue of 'Elle' magazine that although she had certain advantages as a child of stars, she would not get her orders because of her famous mother Cindy Crawford. ( um )

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