Charlbi Dean Kriek († 32) died in August: coroners are now publishing the cause of death


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Charlby Dean Kriek
Charlbi Dean Kriek passed away unexpectedly in August. © AP, Richard Shotwell, RS

The news of Charlbi Dean's death shocked the film world in August this year . Just a few weeks earlier, the native South African celebrated a great success at the Cannes Film Festival with the film 'Triangle of Sadness'. Now coroners have revealed the tragic cause of her sudden death at such a young age.

Forensic pathologists release cause of death

'I cry every day. I think of Charlbi almost all the time.” With these words, her fiancé Luke Volker gave a sign of life to his followers in mid-October with a short video from Cape Town. Shortly after the death of his partner, he went public with a heartbreaking video on Instagram . The death of his fiancée was completely unexpected and sudden for him too. With the exception mentioned at the beginning, he hardly reports to Instagram anymore.

Forensic pathologists in New York have now published the tragic cause of Charlbi's premature death, as reported by 'People' magazine. Accordingly, the actress is on one Sepsis , from blood poisoning, died. This was probably triggered by a bacterium called Capnocytophaga. This actually occurs in the mouths of dogs and cats and is harmless to them.

In the video: Actress Charlbi Dean died at the age of 32

 Actress Charlbi Dean dies aged 32

Tragic connection with her serious accident

For people, however, infection with the bacterium can be fatal, especially if there is an immune deficiency. A US case made headlines in 2019 in which a man lost parts of his nose, lips, arms and legs, after his dog gave him a 'dog kiss'. .

Charlbi Dean suffered from an immune deficiency after her spleen had to be removed as a result of a serious car accident in 2009. After a so-called splenectomy, the surgical removal of the spleen, affected people are more susceptible to a dangerous infection with the bacterium.

It is not known if the 32-year-old was bitten by an animal shortly before her death or otherwise came into contact with animal saliva, as the entire autopsy was not released. People magazine reports that Dean initially developed mild symptoms in late August before asking her fiancé Luke to take her to the hospital. She was dead just a few hours later. (vne)

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