Cheating allegations against Adam Levine: More and more women are unpacking about the 'Maroon 5' singer


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  Adam Levine is accused of multiple affairs
Adam Levine is accused of multiple affairs © picture alliance

More and more women are throwing Adam Levine (43) that he should have sent them very explicit messages. After the 23-year-old model Sumner straw has released savory messages from the 'Maroon 5' singer , other women reported who accuse the singer of sexting. They claim to have received salacious messages from him. Including his former private yoga teacher Alanna Zabel (49).

He wanted to spend the day naked with her

Alanna Zabel tells the Daily Mail that Levine wrote to her that he wanted to 'spend the day naked with her.' He is also said to have boasted to friends that she 'had the best ass in town.' Her boyfriend at the time got wind of it Got messages and was so freaked out that he is said to have broken her wrist. When things got complicated, the singer let her down and broke off contact with her.

  Yoga teacher Alanna Zabel unpacks
Yoga teacher Alanna Zabel unpacks © picture alliance

Five women have accused Levine

The hashtag “Expose Adame Levine” was created on Instagram. Under the tour, five women are already making messages public in which Levine has written very explicit comments.

Among other things, comedian Maryka has released her alleged Instagram dialogue with Adam Levine. The 43-year-old reportedly wrote, among other things, 'I'm obsessed with you,' to which she replied, 'Dude, aren't you married?'

In the video: Levine comments on the affair rumors

  Adam Levine speaks up about affair rumors

Levine tries to save his skin

The Maroon 5 frontman and model have been dating for eight years Behati Prinsloo (34) married to each other. Baby number 3 is on the way at the moment , the harder the model must hit the rumors.

  Behati Prinsloo: More children with Adam Levine
Behati Prinsloo und Adam Levine © BANG Showbiz

Levine has therefore commented on the rumors with an Instagram post. In it, he admits to 'crossing a line' and also that he's been flirting with other women. However, he denies ever having had an affair.

His wife still sticks by him. The only question is how much longer. (mri)

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