Chris Broy speaks plain text: Is 'Battle of the Reality Stars' colleague Jenefer Riili his new girlfriend?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Jenefer Riili: Did she break up with her boyfriend because of Chris Broy?
It is also speculated that Jenefer Riili broke up with her boyfriend because of Chris Broy. © Insta/RTLZWEI

Regarding the love life of the ' Battle of the reality stars “-participant Chris Broy (33) the rumor mill is churning. It was not until 2021 that the sales coach left his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time Evanthia Benetatou (30) Cut. Now Chris is said to be taken again – with whom, however, he does not reveal. It comes to the assumption that it is about Jennifer Riley acts, which was also part of the show “Battle of the Reality Stars” in 2021.

Jenefer as a reason for the separation?

The relationship with reality TV star Eva Benetatou ended just as quickly as it began. After less than a year of dating, Chris made the former ' Bachelor “-candidate of the year 2020 a marriage proposal live on RTL on TV . Then, in January 2021, he announced to his followers on Instagram that he and his fiancee are expecting a child together . But then came the shock – just three months after the good news the news of the breakup .

So can it be that Jenefer was already decisive for the separation at this point in time? This would be supported by the fact that Chris ended his relationship with Eva shortly after he took part in the TV format 'Battle of the Reality Stars'. And she also claims that the new woman on the side of the influencer is his former show colleague Jenefer. The video shows Eva's tearful interview again:

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Chris speaks plain language!

With all this speculation, a fan on Chris' Instagram channel wanted to know more about it and asked the courageous question in a question and answer session as to whether Chris was really with Jenefer. His reaction to this was unequivocal: 'It doesn't matter'.

In the course of this statement, the influencer also shared in a post why he is reluctant to reveal more about his love life: 'Everything is better when it's private,' said the 33-year-old.

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