Citamaas and friend David are desperate: Baby Louis is a crying baby


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Influencer Citamaass on life with a crying baby

by Lena Janssen, Laura Schuster and Leonie Krebber

When the baby doesn't stop crying, the parents often become very distressed - especially when there is no explainable reason for it. new mom and Citamaass influencer (35) and her boyfriend David have to experience it firsthand: their little son Louis is a crying baby, sometimes the little one cries until he turns blue. According to the doctors, this is due to an adjustment disorder. In an interview with RTL, Felicita Maass, her real name, reveals the challenges that the two new parents face and where they are now getting help.

Baby Louis was born in November

In November 2022, little Louis saw the light of day, turning his parents' lives around 180 degrees. Mama Felicita welcomed her little one with a touching declaration of love and made it clear: 'From the first second you have enchanted us, my angel'. The influencer even admitted she couldn't sleep for 24 hours because she couldn't stop staring at her sweetheart. Today, almost two months later, her insomnia has a different origin.

Cry babies have an adjustment disorder

Key word: adjustment disorder. Up to a third of all babies are cry babies. According to experts, they cry so much because 'their autonomic nervous system and bodily functions (such as the intestines) first have to adapt to life 'outside'.' This condition is exhausting and tiring, which results in frequent and intense crying. In most cases, it can take up to eight months until crying babies have actually adapted to their environment and can go through life more calmly.

Is the first cervical vertebra to blame?

But before Felicita and David surrender to this fate and possibly wait another six months for improvement, they try everything in their power to calm baby Louis. That is why they are always looking for new doctors and experts. “Louis went to see a doctor today. His atlas was treated there. Our midwife recommended that we try this as the last step,' the 35-year-old explains to her Instagram followers. The atlas is the first cervical vertebra to be treated when a torticollis or head tilt is diagnosed. 'Let's see how it will be in the next few weeks,' said the optimistic mom. We keep our fingers crossed and hope that the therapy will work for Baby Louis!

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