Claudia Effenberg causes a sensation in the jungle camp with chips and lies


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Doesn't she become the jungle queen, but the queen of lies?

Man, Claudia! Jungle camper Claudia Effenberg took revenge on her fellow campers Gigi Birofio and Cosimo Citiolo in episode 11 with a fat lie. But won't the shot backfire for her in the end?

We remember: After their treasure hunt on day 9, Gigi and Cosimo caused displeasure in the camp with a pizza ego trip, especially among their comrade-in-arms Claudia. The chaotic Italo duo hadn't earned any treats for the team. The two were allowed to decide whether to bring four eggs to the camp or treat themselves to a fat pizza on site. And well, the spirit was weak: the two pulled the pizza in. That the two were then at least partially plagued by their bad conscience and confessed the whole thing , hardly comforted the hungry jungle campers.

Claudia Effenberg seeks revenge: Cosimo and Gigi drove her crazy

Yes, Claudia Effenberg obviously didn't like Gigi's and Cosimo's 'Pizza-Gate'. As soon as she swallowed her anger, she plots revenge. And the opportunity soon presents itself: when she is allowed to go on a treasure hunt with Djamila Rowe herself. The two selfish buddies are supposed to feel really bad again. She wants to show the two what real team spirit would have been like. But somehow the whole thing escalates a bit.

First of all, Claudia and Djamila give everything for the team and win a treasure chest full of delicious snacks. The jungle campers enthusiastically throw down their chips and start crunching. Claudia savors her triumph. But then you realize that she hasn't quite digested the whole thing about Gigi's and Cosimo's pizza. She claims that the RTL team would have wanted to seduce her with a delicious temptation. And with Bolognese. But she only came up with the whole thing to make Gigi and Cosimo feel really bad again. Claudia paints her story with a flourishing imagination. You can see the whole story of lies in detail and the reaction of the other campers in the video.

But when exactly did Claudia want to dissolve the whole thing? After all, she not only fibbed at Gigi and Cosimo, but also at the rest of the campers. And they celebrate this as a selfless heroine. Oops, Claudia seems to have forgotten the explanation. In any case, we haven't heard anything from her on Show 11 and are curious to see what the campfire round thinks is worse when she finds out: Gigi's and Cosimo's eating attack or Claudia's Bolo lie?

We are interested in your opinion: Should Claudia's lie be exposed?

In the video: Let the water flow! Things are going well in Claudia's and Djamila's jungle treasure hunt

  Djamila and Claudia cycle to success

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